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June 4, 2007 - From a distance, Shadowrun seems like a total calamity. The intellectual property (IP) was ripped from its pen and paper, role-playing roots, affixed to a skeletal online arena shooter, and given the visual character of an early-90s game box. It gets worse when you consider Microsoft is using Shadowrun, a game peppered with superficial pockmarks, as a launch vehicle for its Vista-only Games for Windows Live service. The service is supposed to mimic what Xbox 360 users already enjoy on their consoles, but unfortunately GFWL in its current state is a terrifically bastardized variation of the excellent console version, something no money-savvy PC gamer should bother shelling out 50 bucks for. While you could still use the Xbox Live Silver for free, the privileges allowed under such an account level are painfully limiting. You need Gold level if you really want to play, and for that you need to spend 100 dollars on a meager gaming package and a subscription to an online service that feels more like a beta test than a full launch.

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Ru4567d ago

we have covered all the shadowrun reviews possible!

PhilHarrison4567d ago

shadowrun is a strange looking game I think it will look quite good when we put it on the playstation network

N4GayFanturds4566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

IGN Reviews sucke even moreso!

Let's look at Saints Row review by IGN; Presentation 9.0 - Shadowrun 4.5 cause they had problems searching for games??!! I guess they never played Saints Row online. Furthermore, they called Saints Row online "great". RUFKM???

Games...or at least 360 games need to have 2 SEPERATE reviews. One for single-player and one for online multiplayer.

IRISHCALIBER4566d ago give a good review because the title is such a departure from the originally named intellectual pen and paper property that has been enjoyed by geeks since the 80's. The game play is extremely fun and addictive and requires complete team work, to review this poorly shows a strong bias nature by the reviewing sites. The learning curve is about an hour for a full understanding of all mechanics. This will also hurt the review as these guys probably never fully learned how to play and only did so for a short time. Although every review I've read has said the game play was fun and shows longevity. I think the menus, announcer and matchmaking as well as the game play flows like Halo meets a MMORPG party system. The way each person picks different magic and weapons to aid the party really makes this game great. I say 9.0 for an overall awesome game!

VaeVictus4566d ago

to say it is great is a stretch. Only 3 gameplay modes. Graphics are porous. Animations are even worse(climbing ladders), in fact, the technical portion of the game seems rushed all together. If the server quits, you are screwed. The game isn't as balanced as it should be. No single player missions and the limited maps make the game seem very short and stale after a few days. Don't even get me started on joining a game with a party as it will often split you and your friends to "balance" the room. That defeats the purpose of having a friends list if you ask me.

It reminds me of Crackdown in that it just feels incomplete. It actually feels more incomplete than Crackdown.

I'll definitely recommend this game as a rental as it is fun, but the gameplay gets boring after a few days. I don't think the low scores are unfounded, but the gameplay does work...just too much of the same.