PlayStation Home is a Little More Festive

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "PlayStation Home often hosts promotional events for its users. These include game launching events, t.v. shows being shown at the theater, and contests for clothing for your avatar. This week, Home brings a seasonal change to the central plaza."

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BigPete79783249d ago

Haha that's pretty cool. TURKEYS!!!
Gotta love Thanksgiving :)

WildArmed3249d ago

Agreed. To bad home is a once-in-a-month kinda thing for me.
Usually just log in to check out Home Spaces and what games they have.
Otherwise I dont care for much.

DoucheVader3249d ago

Catch a turkey! :P Can we kill it afterwards?

Sev3249d ago

I bought that lame ass Santa Costume last year. That was probably the last time I played PS Home.

wolfehound223249d ago

That's pretty cool. I very rarely go into home, but its nice to see they do stuff like this around the holidays.

dopeboimagic923249d ago

Ok so this is what everyone was talking about... :P