Worldshift Review (resumeplay)

resumeplay writes: "Worldshift sports gorgeous visuals and old school RTS mechanics that harkens back to the originals in the RTS genre such as Red Alert. It seems multiplayer was the main focus when developing the game, as you're asked to log in or create an account as soon as you log in. This may have been a fantastic idea, as many of the game's concepts are obviously inspired by MMOGs, but the game's meager depth makes it hard to keep interest."

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Baross20253251d ago

Game has alot of potential it just needs some tweaks and a better campaign.

brandynevils3251d ago

This is a good review Matt.

mau643251d ago

I wish I had a decent machine to handle PC games.

VenerableBmoney3251d ago

True that. I can still play the original Red Alert, but even that's a little laggy at times. Hopefully Christmas will let me rebuild, I'm lookin forward to it.