Compare Video Game Consoles – Right One For You?

Digitpedia: "Games consoles have become like DVD players and widescreen televisions in the sense they have almost become a household item. Many are top of a birthday or christmas list for both children and adults. The playing field for the games consoles is dominated by the big three: Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and the Playstation 3. So here we compare these video game consoles."

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lordkemp0074869d ago

OK lets compare them shall we.

one system is prone to unacceptable hardware failure rates.
The other system falls well within industry standards.

One system uses uses antiquated dvd9 technology effectively tying one hand behind the back of developers.
The other system utilises cutting edge blu ray technology.

One system is closing down their studios .
The other system has the largest group of first party in house developers.

One system charges you to play the games you bought online.
The other system blesses you with Free online gaming.

One system likes to play up the benefits of face-book and last fm as if its the second coming.
The other system completely negates this with a FREE WEB BROWSER.(from day 1)

One system will scratch and ruin your new copy of modern warfare 2.
The other system uses near enough hard coated indestructable blu ray discs.

One system will price gouge you for its overpriced peripherals.
The other system pretty much comes with everything straight from the box.

One system does Not have the highest rated exclusives this generation.
The other system has LBP and UC 2 as the highest rated and graphically superior titles this generation.

One system has a 10 year plan with an honourable track record in the games industry.
The other system likes to blow hot air with its badly behaved, ill spoken PR buffoons. ( remember they canned xbox letting its fans down in the process.)

One system prides itself on innovation and taking risks. (see modnation racer, heavy rain and LBP .)
The other system is content to churn out mediocre downloadable content trying to pass it off as a full title.

This list could go on and on.

I know what i would want under my Christmas tree, and it aint a Nintento wii or developed from the bowels of Billy Gates.

MovieScouse0074869d ago

This response should be required reading for anyone buying a console in this generation.
Bubbles for you my friend.
What a bogus, ill-thought out and badly researched article from digitpedia. I wish I could have read it without giving them a site hit!

dj555555554869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Yes we know the truth, but you put out an article with the headline "Compare Video Game Consoles – Right One For You?" Its got a good chance in coming up in a Google search for people inquiring which console to buy. This is where Billy Gates media influence pays off, you can sell any piece of toss it your able to shout louder and over the rest.

jalen2474869d ago

You make some valid points. Can't argue with that.

stonecold14869d ago

blu ray 1080p high def no need for battries for controllers aaaaa titles through out o7 o8 o9 and 2010 is going be another amazing year for ps3 with god of war 3 gt5 heavy rain final fantasy 13 super street fighter 4 god of war collection i am alivie dead rising 2 the 360 has got some good titles to look forward to as well but my opion ps3 has 2010 hands down free internet lets you surf the web and folding @home movie down load with out paying for hte psn network service unlike m$ dvd pay for live i think i know which 1 would prefer got both machine but ps3 is where the next gen is at no other consoles can match ps3 is top notch and yes ive been happy with my launch ps3 60gb working for nearly 3 years now got an xbox but played a few times but havent experinced the rrod as of yet only had a week of now

QuickdrawMcgraw4869d ago

This article must have been written 2 or 3 years ago.

djreplay4869d ago

I think they're under selling the PS3 a bit, i'd hope intelligent consumers wouldn't take any notice of this poorly written article.