CSM: Scene It? Twilight Edition Review

Whether or not you think Scene It? Twilight is any good is going to depend on how rabid of a Twilight fan you are. The Twilight saga is the kind of media franchise that has fans obsessed with the most minute details of the story. They know the names of every minor supporting characters; they remember what dress Bella wore to the prom; they can recite dialogue. So Twilight lends itself perfectly to this kind of trivia game treatment. If you're not a Twilight fan, or even if you're just a casual Twilight fan (do those exist?), you're likely to roll your eyes at the type of information the game expects you to know. But if that's the case, then this game is also not meant for you. From the mist-colored background to the seductive male host-voice that calls players by the names of Twilight characters, this game knows exactly who its audience is-and those people will love it.

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