Naughty Dog Set to Reveal Something Awesome

Naughty Dog promised we'd see more new stuff for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves before the year ended and they are keeping that promise. Naughty Dog will be revealing something really awesome by the end of the week for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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kaveti66163253d ago

New multiplayer maps. I'm willing to bet money on that. And I think Naughty Dog is gonna do a fantastic job with these maps because they have many locations to work with from the game. And as always, they can wow us with their visuals.

Saaking3252d ago

Whatever it is, ND won't disappoint like others...(*cough*bioware*cough *)

jhooty143252d ago

whatever it is they wont milk us with $ dlcs unlike some....

Nac3252d ago

You take that back!!!

Domenikos3252d ago

new Crash Bandi...?


I <3 ND

Darkstorn3252d ago

Co-op maps? Please let it be...

3252d ago
alphakennybody3252d ago

It's "moi" in all new side story, available to download by the end of the week and did I mention it's free and comes with a golden desert eagle with my name carved in ;)

sikbeta3252d ago

Listen to Eddy, he's the REAL INSIDER!!!

lh_swe3252d ago

I think he might be right on one thing, the fact that maybe Uncharted DF might be making an appearance in this game through flashback maps, hopefully even co-op ones, that would be sweet.

frostypants3252d ago

Looking forward to whatever it is. I'm about burnt out on MW2. I lost my appreciation for the innovation of U2's multiplayer until I played something else for a while.

badz1493252d ago

co-op is awesome but too few maps!

and I wish they're free too! - that will be AWESOMENESS at its best!

The Emperor3252d ago

For once I agree with you 100%. I was thinking the exact same thing. At least we can count on First party devs for both systems to bring good news, not a website revamp...

cmrbe3252d ago

returning as a Zombie?

Bubble Buddy3252d ago

JAK & DAXTER Skin for online ahahaha I wish. That's be so sick though. :)

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swiftshot933253d ago

They wouldn't reveal something that isn't awesome.


that would be awesome, multiplayer maps released aswell as a jak 4 trailor or something.

sikbeta3252d ago


JAK is an Amazing franchise....

beavis4play3252d ago

but the text above says the announcement is for UC2.

mastiffchild3252d ago

Ah, but it WOULD be cool if they released Jak and Daxter chars as multi player skins for a bit of a laugh wouldn't it? Better than bloody skelzors and Marco Polo skeletons anyway! I hate people who always play as the skeleton-I find them harder to hit(like being the bloody monkey was in TS)and a bit offputting when they leg it about too! Now, an oversized Jak or Ottsel would be a different matter!

Seriously, though, I think it'll be new modes and maps for both MP AND co-op. TBH, I'd LOVE a single player chapter from someone else's perspective but I doubt they could prepare something that comlex so quickly.

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VsAssassin3252d ago

Sweet Pete, don't let it happen. :D Bwahahahaha

Bilbo653252d ago

Could be more in depth stat stuff, several say will be implemented later.