DJ Hero Deal Will Spin Your Head

From Xbox LifeStyle:

"DJ Hero is the most interesting and exciting twist on Activision's "Hero" franchise yet. One major problem, its hefty price tag, especially on the Renegade Edition which comes with a much needed stand (shown below; after the jump) for the included turntable controller. One major online retailer has significantly dropped the price of DJ Hero Renegade Edition just in time for the holidays."

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Sev3345d ago

Dare I say it? This might be my favorite game this year.

Well at least it has the most replayability and fun factor. For me anyway.

I absolutely love it. If I didn't already own the Renegade Edition with the case and stand I would hop on this right this second. You should too.

BigPete79783345d ago

I am trying so damn hard to resist picking this up. The price is high, but I might end up ordering tonight anyways. *sigh*
Damn Renegade Edition.

Lifewish3345d ago

you should keep some stuff to yourself sev

Sev3345d ago

Heh. I just talked BigPete into buying it. Once he gets it in the mail, he'll tell you I am right. The game is sick. Loving the DLC too.

Lifewish3345d ago

i doubt it sev, i hate these music games

BigPete79783345d ago

You hate everything Lifewish :P

ABizzel13345d ago

I can honestly say my head did not make a 360 degree turn. It's a good deal for people who want the game I just so happen to not be one of those people (The Guitar Hero, and Rock Band syndrome will not consume me). Not if it was knocked down to 25% of the original price (meaning it was $50) then I'd be all over it.

JoySticksFTW3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

The game's amazing

It's not jammin' out to old songs like GH and Rock Band

It's hearing old favorites in new innovative ways

If you're just a fan of music (whether it be hip-hop, rock, classical, dance, R&B, etc...), this game is for you. It incorporates all of that.

I'm a sucker for anything mixed with Queen. The track with 50 cent & Mary J mixed with Radio GaGa needs to be heard - it's heavenly (but it's one of the DLC tracks, which was my only concerning about getting this game... going broke over the weekly DLC)

The celebrity DJ mixes are great too

The soundtrack needs to be released on cd's


And I'm not a fan of either GH or RB. This is the game that finally drew me in to the music games (since Parapa the rapper that is)

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JonnyBigBoss3345d ago

Great deal. I wanna try this bad boy out.

Bnet3433345d ago

If I only had the money ... the songs are great.

LinuxGuru3345d ago

Maybe if I had the money...I might. But only if there's techno / trance / club style music. None o' dat hippity hoppity for me.

Sev3345d ago

LOL, the hip hop isn't bad in it. Even for people who aren't fans. Especially when the hip hop is mashed up with various other genres of music, like Rock, or classic soul like Marvin Gaye, and Rick James.

Party play is the bizzalls, you can team up with a Guitar Hero guitar for the rock mash-ups.

jhooty143345d ago

call me a nerd but i downloaded all the songs from this to my ipod hahahaha there preet good especially daft punk ones

sashimi3345d ago

Even the new low price is too high for me ~_~

T3mpr1x3345d ago

I didn't go after the Renegade Edition when it was $200. But this is a much more enticing deal. If I hadn't already bought the regular edition I would get this.

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