160° - Top Ten Most Disappointing Content in Otherwise Good Games

For some reason, there are games that are going just great, full of fun and variety. Then we come to the parts that truly let us down! Here's our list of the Top Ten!

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dalibor3302d ago

I was let down by how Richter in Castlevania:sotn did not have any upgrades. That game was fun & long. Some of the bosses were either crazy looking or just weird haha.

hay3302d ago

Whaat? No community in World of Warcraft mentioned? /jk

Add to the list:
Planet exploration in Mass Effect.
Ending in God of War II(I seriously hoped for some sweet as*-kicking and it ended with 'to be continued').
Espers in FFXII.
Horned Reaper in Dungeon Keeper 2.
Difficulty in MGS4 unless you're aiming for Big Boss Emblem.
Lack of english subs in Ryu ga Gotoku 3.

Here. More variety and better list in overall.

And ugh, those scrolling subs are terrible. Next time try to record some audio of funny comments author makes instead of black and white text.

caseh3302d ago

Agreed, the lack of upgrades for richter was a bit disappointing a bit like this video. Started out well then just spanned 3 games: sonic, final fantasy and kindom hearts...

TheForgotten0ne3302d ago

Have to agree, could have given us a different varity of games and genres

TheForgotten0ne3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Cry me a river

TheForgotten0ne3302d ago

I liked tetra Master in IX though, played it a lot. But, maybe that was just me :D

And I don't even remember that boss batle from KH2, need to play that game again!

ico923302d ago

the text moves to fast but yeah castlevania SOTN was disapointing with richter

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