Top 5 PC Games Ruined by Bugs

A humorous look at several PC games plagued by bugs: "Sure, we as PC gaming enthusiasts love and cherish our devoted platform. But that doesn't mean it's a perfect world out there. And if we don't recognize the missteps, how can we appreciate the milestones? Case in point: buggy games that failed to be astounding simply because of the stink-ridden crap-o-licious coding."

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Raf1k13251d ago

I thought they fixed most of the bugs with a patch.

Nihilism3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

haha, no they certainly didn't, the game is so broken that I can't even install the patches anymore, even with a fresh install, and after formatting my pc, there are 100's of people with the same or worse problems posting in their forums...the developers don't respond anymore because they have no intention of supporting the game anymore, they stole my F-ing money

Even with all the patches the game crashes all the time. It is the most broken game i've ever played. Not just the crashing and overall impossibility to run the game properly. But in game issues, broken quests, disappearing textures...

Factor in that it was all round a terrible pointless game and you have the most broken game of all time

BX813251d ago

Gears 2, the online portion!

BX813251d ago

Might as well list all the games we hate because of bugs. It doesn't matter the platform I think we've all felt robbed at some point with a buggy game!

Jamescagney3251d ago

I don't know what Stalker was like before being patched, but it's fine now.

TheIneffableBob3251d ago

I actually didn't have any problems with STALKER, not even at launch. I got weird graphics anomalies like flickering shadows at worst.

tdrules3251d ago

most popular games on pc with bugs can be fixed by the skilled community

jerethdagryphon3251d ago

and some unpopular games that found a home in the ocmuminty

arsenal553251d ago


stalker was a major bug fest.. actually became unplayable for me at points. it would just start having these weird flashes in the environment and crash. i still miss that game though :(

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