Zune to miss '07 launch window

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has said that the iPod rivalling Zune device which was released in the United States in September 2006 will not be released in any European territories during 2007.

Speaking to German magazine Wirtschafts Woche, Ballmer admitted that the Zune business, much like the firm's Xbox 360 activities, is still losing money, and added that to launch in other markets under such conditions would be "dangerous".

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PS360WII4156d ago

I think MS was stretching a bit for the Zune. Honestly who would of thought that the iPod really was gonna be the next best thing. Specially when there are much cheaper and higher storage mp3 players out there. Zune should of competed with those and not the iPod. I think at least.

SuperSaiyan44156d ago

Sorry but look how chunky it is and its still got some software issues.

Its a failed product.

Leave the music to the REAL companies like iRiver, Creative, Archos and Sony.

Even Apple is a joke with the [email protected] pod if you think thats an MP3 player wow your a joke.

WilliamRLBaker4156d ago

you lost all credibility when you said the mp3 player that has 70-80% of the mp3 player market is crap, and sony hasn't had a good music player since the discman.

THAMMER14156d ago

I is nice. It only has a few extra feature over the ipod, but those features were enough for me to buy it over the ipod. standard FM radio, Wifi file share, larger screen. People who complain about the soft ware must have some sorry @ss computer skills or a crappy computer the soft ware automatically updated all of my music after installation.

BIadestarX4156d ago

I have 3 MP3 players.

Motorola M500

Ipod Video

and a Zune.

out of all of them, the one with the least amount of features is the IPod and the one I use the least. No FM on the IPod.

I love some of the features of the M500 that I think the zune can support easly that with just software upgrades.

the M500 can record FM radio.
... ... Allows you to bookmark songs (i.e. It's a great feature when you are listening a podcast and you want to stop and listen to something else and play it where you left it off).

I think the zune is great, it probably has the best hardware in the market as far as MP3 player is concern. Microsoft just need to work on improving the software by adding features like (bookmark and FM recording).

HandShandy4156d ago

The Zune was a good little piece of kit (I've used one)

A few mile stones better than the iPod... but no one can really compete with the big name the Ipod has among the teenie-poppers.

pshizle4156d ago

but it was stolen in school when i locked my gym locker anyways...'

the zune is the best mp3 player out on the market

the marketplace needs improvement i found one thing thats better in the zune marketplace than itunes is that when you buy a song in itunes you cant burn it to a cd compared to zune maketplace you can!

zune marketplace needs more songs incorporate video and games

the zune needs to be as slim as the ipod i dont think its much thicker though when i compared it its just longer but still needs to be that slim

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