Tony Hawk talks Ride sequel, confirms board for snowboarding and surfing games

In the realm of games that cost over $100 released by Activision this holiday season (we're counting four including the Prestige Edition Modern Warfare 2 pack), Tony Hawk Ride wasn't one that we thought of as a hot ticket item. The man who lent his name to the series, however, has a different take, saying in a recent interview with GameSpot UK on the prospect of a sequel to Ride that "We have already started that process, but who knows what the future holds."

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NateNater4817d ago

Oh jeeze. Don't tell me this is going in the direction of the "hero" games. Pretty soon there will be a "new" version of the board that feels a little bit more like a real board and then they will end up milking the whole franchise.

Saaking4817d ago

What's worse is this is a mediocre game to begin with.

Lou Ferrigno4816d ago (Edited 4816d ago )

NOT EVEN saaking.. this game is BEYOND lower then mediocre,the game strait blows nut sackage..

look at all the reviews for it,it hasnt even got to a 6/10.. it rangeees from 5 and lower.

i used to be the bomb at the old THPS games but fvck,skate is he def way to go now.. expecially with skate 3 coming out in may 2010.cant wait!.

Nitrowolf24816d ago

just let it go acti
just let it go