Sony's BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player Now Less Than A PS3

Prices on next-gen optical HD players continue to plummet today with Sony's announced price drop on their new BDP-S300 Blu-ray Disc player. At $499 list, it's now priced for $100 less than the Playstation 3 which currently reigns supreme as the cheapest (and noisiest) BD player on the market.

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caffman6029d ago

Could this be bad news for the PS3. After all, one of the selling points is that it is a cheap Blu-ray player. I'm not saying that it will cause the downfall of it, I'm just saying that it's strange that it's strange for Sony to undercut their own product.

Expy6029d ago

Not really, since the Playstation 3 obviously presents MORE features than just a simple Blu-Ray player. I think that's obvious.

fjtorres6029d ago

PS3 is not really home theater friendly because of the bluetooth remote. The pure BD player has a proper infrared remote so its compatible with universal remotes and home theater setups.
There is room for both.

ERommel6029d ago

Possibly, just possibly if Sony is able to cut the price of the standalone BR player in half in just over a year. Could that mean they are able to cut the price of the PS3 in half in about a year as well. That "could" mean a 300 or so dollar PS3 this holiday season.

tehcellownu6029d ago (Edited 6029d ago )

No price drop not until one year at least..They goin to do one after they Release their big games..


cheaper than a ps3, but does it include a supercomputer, and an extremely powerfull GPU? I would think not, what a lousy post

snoop_dizzle6029d ago (Edited 6029d ago )

huntersville you always seem really angry for some reason.

socomnick6029d ago

lol im with stevo lol supercomputer lol

SuperSaiyan46029d ago

Firstly the CPU in the PS3 was outperformed recently by a MAC 1.6ghz cpu. Also the PS3 GPU is seriously out of date compared to the 360 GPU.

Oh and I have a PS3 ;-)

But in regards to the statement the PS3 being the noisiest blu-ray player hang on that is utter BS!

All in all the PS3 still offers FAR better value for money than the stand alone blu-ray player.