GamingEvolution's Preview Of Lair

Here's GamingEvolution's preview of "Lair" for the Playstation 3.

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egyptian_diarrhea4521d ago

only one more month to go, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. they'll be probably releasing some nice in-game vids, since it's probably all done...looking forward to it.

WIIIS14521d ago

LOL! Why are you Sony kids hoping for this title to release soon? What hope do you have left for the year when it is dashed this July?

egyptian_diarrhea4521d ago

HOMOSSEXUAL LOVE!!!HAMMER TIME!BAAh na nanaaa nana nana, HAMMER TIME!!That's my last hope, but i'm a fatty boy, so i guess i'll probably chowk myself to death, cause i don't have any hopes left, but still, living is better than being happy, but living is not worthy if we don't have lair!!! or zoos, or aliens!or soccer, or popcorn, or tigers or birdies, or other stuff like that. "and remember,respect is, MACHINEGUN!"

PS360PCROCKS4521d ago

Uh I guess the 'diarrhea' part of your name makes sense because your spewing it out of your mouth right now. That was a ridiculous comment. Um this was a really lame preview, so short, and no info. Oh well...I am looking forward to this, always have of many games I wont have time for that I have to somehow find time

egyptian_diarrhea4521d ago

it's called intestinal volvulus, sorry :(

ngg123454521d ago

You have 5 bubbles? That was a trollish comment

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ChickeyCantor4521d ago

I hope this game is really something you people wanted, all the discussions and flamewars.......cause ill be laughing real hard if it isnt XD

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The story is too old to be commented.