NintendoDpad: Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Review

"For people looking for the best true to form rail shooter, you don't get any better than this game to fit those needs, but we really would have liked to have seen Capcom take a risk with some form of new gameplay mechanic like Dead Space did, instead of relying so much on what most have come to expect from the genre."

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ndpad5356d ago

Great story and beautiful graphics make this a must have for fans of either Resident Evil or lightgun games in general.

hatchimatchi5355d ago

i picked it up today, i didn't realize it had already been released. I'm really enjoying it so far.


Seven Resident Evil Games You Might Have Missed

Numbered entries aside, there have been a whole host of other Resident Evil games, across multiple platforms. Here are some you might have missed.

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microgenius2000d ago

Code veronica
the most difficult RE ever

2pacalypsenow2000d ago

Hell yeah it is.

That tyrant on the plane bit is a pain.

ButchKween2000d ago

That was my 1st entry into the series and yes it's very hard but so rewarding. If you don't play it right you can't actually progress If you're low on ammo 4 boss fight on plane or final boss. or if u don't leave ammo for the 2nd character later in the game in item box. I found that out the hard way. Just FYI even though Claire's the main character you play Chris for the final boss fight you better make sure there's enough items for him in the Box or you are fu@#$d

2pacalypsenow2000d ago

Fun fact, Code Veronica is actually the sequel to 2 and RE3 is a spin-off

IRetrouk2000d ago

Originally yes, it was going to be a spin off with a different lead, they changed it to Jill to tie it into the series and made it a companion title to 2 instead, cv is a sequel to both lol


4 Ways to Help NOT Ruin the Resident Evil 2 Remake

"As a longtime fan of the franchise there are several improvements I would like to see, and after the success of Resident Evil 7 and Monster Hunter: World, Capcom seems to be making all the right decisions with their tentpole franchises. Hopefully, this will be no different." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Top five of the best PlayStation Move compatible light gun games for PS3

The top five of the best PlayStation Move compatible light gun games that have been released for the PlayStation 3.

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brianunfried3426d ago

House of the Dead 3 and 4 should be on the list. I still play Overkill on a regular basis, worth buying a move just for that game alone. The Cabela games that support move are fun too.

sypher3426d ago

Is Rambo, Move compatible? And there is also Child Of Light which is sort of a shooting game.

from the beach3426d ago

Rambo is indeed Move compatible. Child of EDEN is too - I've only got the Kinect version but it's the best Kinect game and probably the best Move game.

No idea how this site missed HOTD 4.. and it remains a great shame more of Sega's gun games from that era didn't make it across to PS3 via Move.

sypher3425d ago

Ah yeh sorry, meant Child Of Eden :p the mizuguchi game. Got the names mixed up lol

Ahmay3425d ago

i wish they also made light guns like the arcade ones. they r faster at aiming and more accurate..