SimCity 5 Revealed

Games for Windows magazine editor Jeff Green had already hinted at it, saying "one of PC gaming's oldest franchises, a series with bazillions of fans," was getting a new installment in the franchise, and now the next SimCity is in development over at EA.

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Strange4276d ago

I have been waiting for the for a LONG time!

Plz don't mess this simcity up EA

BIadestarX4276d ago

Interesting... I was a Target Today... and I saw SimCity 4 and asked myself... I would love them to make SimCity 5. wow! I am a big fan. I can imagine how big the cities can be now that computers have so much memory. Also, I wonder if they would make it for the PS3 and the xbox 360.

BitbyDeath4276d ago

I always had trouble with the electricity... the original sim city was my favourite (no power lines)

Bonsai12144276d ago

Sim City 2000 ftw. greatest game ever. no need for micromanagement for everything, just pure city planning. hopefully 5 can make it fun again

Hydrolex4276d ago

How much ? I liked Simcity series

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