Hour of Victory Preview gives information on the upcoming World War II shooter.

"Hour of Victory is a World War II game slated for a mid-June release on the Xbox 360, but it might not get your attention because of the abundance of WWII shooters. The publisher, Midway, and the developers, nFusion, understand this draw back and are fulfilling promises to make HoV like nothing you have ever seen. Your location varies from Europe to North Africa, and your style of play can range from sniping as an Army Ranger to going on a rampage as a British Commando. Their innovative gameplay, brilliant AI, and original story lines could very well be make you put Call of Duty 3 back in the case for a while."

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tony4743d ago

i played the demo and i almost vomit. so bad.

Ichabod134743d ago

I enjoyed the's not graphically polished like other games. But when did graphics = fun ?? :P

cain1414743d ago

I always wait to pass judgement on a game until I play the real thing. Demos can give a decent look into part of the game, but they can't convey the whole picture.

ben hates you4742d ago

i like the idea of your character getting better and the, fact you can get out of tank when ever you so please, more options, doubt i will get the game as brothers in arms are my only WWII game

Motion4742d ago

You know its bad when you can just run through the whole level without taking any cover, run up to every enemy and melee them and not even realize if there is a health meter or not because you're not taking any damage...Give CoD a run for its money? I highly doubt it...just another WWII shooter to pass over...