Xbox 360 Preview - Wing Commander Arena

Wing Commander Arena is a fast-paced arcade-styled space combat game where gamers can team up with 16 players online to attack other teams of ships. Propel your customized ship through space, fire torpedoes and unleash deadly gravity bombs as they try to climb the leader board.

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gta_cb4743d ago

when you corrected those mistakes you should have ticked the boxes to say you have corrected them, now when people come to confirm there going to see that you havnt corrected them when you actually have.

DADO4743d ago

I am still learning and i will do that in the future. Thanks for telling me.

gta_cb4743d ago

no problem, thought you where learning so thought i would explain it =)

Odion4743d ago

that looks amazing for a XBL game

gta_cb4743d ago

yeh i know, mite have to buy it, at least try the free version.

wolfgang4743d ago

Thats a lot of details you had to correct but now its look fine : Approval!