Microsoft Executive Confirms PGR 5 in the Works

Koku Gamer writes: "A Microsoft Executive has confirmed that the next PGR game is already in development via a blog post."

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LastPlaceConsole4080d ago

Holy Crap

now we have the best Sim and the best Arcade Race games Evaaa

Good job MS

FishCake9T44080d ago

Ive been hearing that your gracous Forza 3 has been having a bad time on the market. It will never touch GT. GT = Perfection. Forza = Second rate clone. Where is your weather? Where is your 950 long car list? Where are your official licenses? GT5 damage = Typical Kaz perfection. Forza = Slight dents in the bumper.

N4PS3G4080d ago

yep.."it will never touch GT" silly Playstation fans living in 1997 hahaha

IGN-"This is the best racing game of this generation. Good luck topping it."

Destructoid-"Forza Motorsport 3 is the new king of racers"

Kombo-"Forza Motorsport 3 is the best racing simulation ever made and as close to a flawless game as I've ever played.

gaffyh4080d ago

@1.2 - I look forward to hearing the new quotes from those websites when GT5 releases early next year. They've only said that because Forza 3 is the only thing out, but still in terms of driving and graphics, GT5P beats it hands down.

This has got nothing to do with being a PlayStation fan or an Xbox fan, this is 'which simulator is better' and GT5 will be better. Stop living in denial, and you'll be better off, maybe you should go see a shrink? The first step to recovery is acceptance!


Hisiru4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

2000 cars is useless if the game has a short campaign. Forza 3 has HUGE campaign (200+ big events and more) and excellent gameplay.
Winner: Forza Motorsport 3
Winner: Forza Motorsport 3
Game play:
Winner: Forza Motorsport 3
I'm a big Gran Turismo fan, so it was a bit of a surprise to me that the Forza Motorsport 3 demo did more for me. Things like damage modeling and background art aside, it was the superb control and high level of accessibility that won me over. Forza 3 was just more fun. More impressive. Of course, this is not to say that Gran Turismo 5 isn't a good game. It will be great, I'm sure, but Forza 3 show floor demo has me wanting to race again. I need to get me one of these three-screen setups too."

I love Gran Turismo, I played it on my psx and ps2. It's established franchise but it won't bring something new for the table, I won't defend Gran Turismo just because I love it or because it's a established franchise, I will defend the best because I am a gamer, not a GT fanboy. I will play both games and see what is better but for now, Forza 3 looks better to me. Graphics doesn't really matter because both games will be beautiful enough, gameplay and campaign is what matters to me.

OT: PGR is becoming a great franchise. Good luck for Bizarre Creations.

anti-gamer4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Did you Played GT game before gt have large campaign i played gt4 for 1 year to completed 100%

and wow you believe fanboy blog that compered full game to Demo

you forza fanboy are sad ppl even you kid your self to accept forza is patter

Perkel4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

@ Above

i agree he's an a--hole.

not Hisuru

btw , gt4 has a looooooong gt mode.. and races like 24 nirburgring (real 24h !!) and some other 24h races ...

bjornbear4080d ago

you guys just proved that quote wrong in every way

damn fan boys all over =/

Hisiru4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Man... it's Forza 3 demo vs GT5 prologue, did you read the article? Of course... GT5 full version CAN be better than Forza 3 full version but as I said before... for now Forza 3 looks better to me. I can't play a racing game using the same formula over and over again only including new cars and new tracks...

I played GT4, I have a ps2 but did you played Forza 3? You are acting like a fanboy, not a person trying to enjoy the best game that you can have. You are closing your mind.

I am not a Forza fanboy or a microsoft fanboy.

IaMs124080d ago

How the heck did a post about PGR 5 being made turn into a Forza vs GT. I understand that they are both racers but this has nothing to do with PGR5

On topic: I am looking forward to this, i loved PGR4 it was a great game, now hope they can continue doing well with PGR 5. These are one of the few but great exclusives xbox has keep em coming.

baum4080d ago

Another "definitive" game ;)

Saaking4080d ago Show
Saaking4080d ago Show
GiantEnemyCrab4080d ago

Oh look! Someone posts a positive comment regarding the 360 as a first comment, unlike the usual trolls that beat 360 gamers to most threads.. And now it's digressed into another PS3 vs 360 debate and people are bringing up GT5, which is nothing but fiction right now.

This person could very well think these are the best racing games, it's his opinion. Stop with the futile attempts at trying to change it.. It's annoying.

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komp4080d ago

I bet they don't make the same mistake that they made with Forza 3. Words such as "definitive" will not be mentioned this time.

LastPlaceConsole4080d ago

i know it pissed off a lot of *People* but the definitive stuff is True

Saaking4080d ago

How is it true? Just becuase Turn 10 says so doesn't make it true.

Sonyslave34080d ago

Damn Xbox 360 got the racing game on lockdown.

NecrumSlavery4080d ago

No next year there will be GT5, Mod Nation Racers, and Split/Second. Those are the games that will lock down racing.

St04080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Awesome news, PGR games own Forza!. Still not as good as GT games though

LastPlaceConsole4080d ago


they're by far superior

XDF4080d ago

Why PS3 trolls are here is beyond me...

This is PGR news and not Motorstorm 3 news.

OT: Great news for X360 racing fans. PGR is my favorite racing series even back to the original Dreamcast Metropolis Racing seriers.

GeoramA4080d ago

It only does: Racers and Shooters.

Where is the variety?

Lou Ferrigno4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

correction my friend: 360-it only does Shooters,cuz according to 360 fanboys forza 3 is a massive flop.
and if the so called "definitive" "sim" couldnt even make it,what makes them think an arcade racer will? .. oh yeah,cuz its noob friendly.

Look at the 360 games library,they are mostly (if not all) noob friendly games.. example: Halo 3,MW1/2,L4D 1/2,gEARS 1/2 ect ect..
and the closest thing 360 fanboys have to the "real" thing Flops hahaha.

XDF4080d ago

"It only does: Racers and Shooters.

Where is the variety? "

Halo Wars/RUSE = RTS
Lost Odyssey/FF13 = Turn based RPG
Fable 2/3 = Western RPG
Crackdown 1/2 = Co-Op Sandbox
Alan Wake = Suspense Action Thriller
Splinter Cell Conviction = Action Stealth
Mass Effect 2 = Western RPG
Shadow Complex/Splosion Man/Braid/Castle Crasher = 2D Platformers
Tekken 6/SF4/Blazblue = Fighter
Darksiders/Bayonetta/Dante Inferno = Action
Madden/NBA2K10/NHL2K10/FIFA 2010 = Sports
UFC/Fight Night R4 = Sports/Action hybrid
Rock Band/Guitar Hero = Music Genre

ANything other genre I'd missed?

Xi4080d ago

you forgot

3rd person shooter = gears
1st person shooter = halo, l4d
Sim = viva pinata, ace combat
Party = fusion frenzy
3d platforming = banjo kazooie
racing = forza, pgr


If any console is dominated by shooters I think it's the ps3. Of all the games released this year, killzone 2 and uncharted 2 are by far the biggest 2, and both are shooters, I cant think of a single exclusive racing game for the ps3 released this year. Nor can I think of any sim or rts exclusives for the ps3 at all.

dragonelite4080d ago

So what if it only does shooters.

But what it does it does it the best.

Fps: halo best exclusive console franchise.
Tps: Gears same as halo
Sim: racer Forza 3 best till now have to see gt 5 to make a judgement.

Think about it ps 2 had over 100 million consoles sold and gt 4 has sold like 12 million copies.
That gives gt 4 a attachment rate of 12% of every ps 2 out there.
The ps 3 has like what almost 28 million gt 4 community is probably splitten now by the long dev time lets it will get 10% attachement rate. When gt 5 is out the ps 3 will probably sold around 30 million consoles that will give gt 5 a possible 3 million sales.

Did polyphony digital confirmed the track editor as in you can make your own racing tracks

Perkel4080d ago

yeah people .. real variety..

anyway, don't use face of nickolson ! You are polluting him... :/

Ausbo4080d ago

Xbox is the home for the best rpgs as well.

Mass Effect?
Lost Odessey?
Blue Dragon?
Plus multiplats like Fallout, oblivion and jrpgs.

Xbox is the home for shooters(1st,3rd), Action, Racing, Sports, Rpgs, Family, and Platformers.

Your post is just plain awful

Moebius694080d ago


I disagree with your theory on GT5 sales only being around 3million considering GT5P sold over 4million and with less consoles.Also GT3 sold 14.9million and when it came out the install base was similar to what it is now i think

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