Impressive new screenshots of Theseis

Some gorgeous new screenshots of the upcoming game Theseis for Xbox 360 and PC, these are screens from the Xbox 360 version. The link is just a link to the developers page as the link for IGN's photo section has been used for this game before. All the new pictures are below.

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PS360PCROCKS4790d ago

I have never heard of this game...but some of these pictures the environments almost rival Gears Of War...the way it looks and the detail and stuff...anyone have any info on this game because these screens make it look pretty nice.

PS360PCROCKS4789d ago

Sweet the 5th time I have more disagrees than agrees for just the most random comments and yet still NO REPLIES. you're all ridiculous...

Lord Anubis4790d ago

I'm suddenly interested in Thesis

kewlkat0074790d ago (Edited 4790d ago )

Woman's Booty's in Games have gone next-gen and, Me liky., When do we get to see a DEMO?

some of these shots do remind me of the gritty Gears look. Is she spanish? or Asian?

Evil Rant Monkey4790d ago

Maybe it's a game for noobz. Teaching you how to approach GoW multiplayer at many different angles.

That is Gridlock in that picture, is it not?

tony4790d ago

well, that is a butt.

Cartesian3D4790d ago

taking advantage of Female's body isnt so nice.. but they use it for more sale..

anyway screens are impressive and graphics is awesome.. thx xboxrocks.. I didnt know this title.. :)

Dr Pepper4790d ago

I heard about this game a while ago. It looks pretty good in the graphics department and I also like the description of the game: a conspiracy-fantasy adventure. Sounds like fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.