New Gaming Environments: Far less humdrum playing fields - XboxOz360

XboxOz360 looks at a dozen upcoming games that are taking the creative risk of setting their story in environments that are foreign to most gamer's eyes. Will these new environments make, or break, these games?

Titles studied after the jump include Alone in the Dark, Highlander, Resident Evil 5, Far Cry 2, Alan Wake, Too Human, Theseis, Crusaders, Lego Indiana Jones, HYDROPHOBIA, The Crossing, Edge of Twilight and The Outsider.

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Snoozer2824976d ago

Usually I'd disagree about posting .wordpress blogs but it's an interesting read with little evidence of bias.

Superfragilistic4972d ago

It's an interesting read with an original story angle... but where was Fallout 3 in the Washington DC example?

gaminoz4976d ago (Edited 4976d ago )

Not only new interesting environments, but more interactive, destructible environments. Nothing worse than when you shoot a lamp and it seems to be made of bullet-proof glass. I'm not saying everything should be able to be destroyed but the environment has to seem alive and somewhat realistic.

I also think more games should have NPCs around that aren't there just to shoot with or at you.