Procedural Synthesis: gaming's fountain of youth?

This image is from .kkrieger, a game that with Unreal graphics less than 97 kilobytes in size ... for the entire game. So what is its secret? A technique known as procedural synthesis (or procedural generation) that, in a nutshell, uses clever and complex algorithms to make graphics, as opposed to pre-set artwork made by a design team. Thus, the procedural graphics are run by the processor and improve (or degrade) with the CPU speed. An example of a game based off this idea is Will Wright's Spore.

Trickedbullet6172d ago

That is amazing for only less than a megabyte of data!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

pRo loGic II6172d ago

Procedural Synthesis is all we need right now. Oblivion is so large i almost hate it for that. MS was smart not to jump in like Sony with the large capasidy disc. Games too big will be a drag.

pRo loGic II6172d ago

Unless the games a masterpeice a game too large will get boring and repetitive, people have other games, families, jobs, and real life to deal with too. I would not play games 4-8 times Oblivion's size.

mikeeno76172d ago

Yet more proof why Blu-Ray is not needed, and further proof that Sony is only pushing its new movie format, instead of focusing on videogames...

sa739176172d ago

Just because one user on one website decides he doesn't want to play games that fit on anything bigger than a DVD you decide that's PROOF why Sony has chosen a wrong format.. Probably not worth checking with all the other prospective owners then, they'd only muck up your detailed statistical analysis....

Tempo6172d ago

In the article on the writer makes refernce to procedural synthesis making backwards compatible games look better. Correct me if i'm wrong but i dont see how a systems processor can have much of an effect on game graphics than an increase of the game's speed. How is the already written pixel(artist drawn )code instruction on the game disc gonna change just by implementing PS.

ironwolf6172d ago

The graphics are produced by an algorithm that describes the scenes content and tells the processor to produce it to the best of it's ability. A low powered processor therefor produces a lower quality output than a highpowered one.

ironwolf6172d ago

Upgraded graphics on an upgraded machine only applies if the game was written with procedural analysis to start with.

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