Silent Hill 5 Interview, platform not confirmed

Silent Hill 5 is under large rumors lately because of the lack of communication between Konami and the fans. Electric Shock magazine have had the chance to speak with Masashi Tsuboyama, the cheif director, about the next Silent Hill game.


Silent Hill 5 has been confimed to be on Xbox 360 and PS3

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Xbot_Killer4569d ago

"Tsuboyama-san: Like I said, we only have ideas but we have been assessing next-generation consoles such as Sony's Playstation 3. We have looked at other consoles too but they exact limitations which could delay progress. We have not decided the console yet."

Smells like Silent Hill might go PS3 exclusive. lol

Quicksilva4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

It it would be a given that Silent Hill would be the scariest game out on the new systems (Not including Res Evil since it was more jumpy and blowing things to bits than pure scary) but with Alan Wake coming out it's gonna have some darn stiff competition.

Give ps3 Silent Hill and let 360 have Alan Wake and LET THE BATTLE COMMENCE.....

I'll get both anyway <3

TruthHurts4569d ago

Alan Wake is an Urban Legend. LOL.

on topic: that would be nice.

Xbot_Killer4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

last I heard Alan Wake was coming to both consoles.

awwwwww look at the mart, having to dig into layers of what he said when I just need to go by what they printed.

and to put it short, He only included the PS3 in his list of consoles that are not limiting development of the game.

as far as Microsoft publishing Wake this wasn't always so as the links to PS3 screenshots of the game can be still be found online. I guess this is their competition strategy, lure playstation exclusives to multiplatform and buy up developers who were planning on releasing for both consoles. Sounds alot more expensive than just letting your product compete head to head on its merits. oh well that's the microsoft way of doing business.

Dr Pepper4569d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

Alan Wake is being published by Microsoft

Edit: gta_cb
Yes it would be, but I'm also pretty sure it's going to PC (like most MS exclusives)

gta_cb4569d ago

in that case its deff gonna be an Xbox 360 exclusive

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rukusa4569d ago

well its old news, dude. Nothing new, people have debated this topic through a number of times now.

BubblesDAVERAGE4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

This kinda confirms that it will be on the ps3..regardless..

Edit : My best Friend Mart...Read it a little more when they start talking HD graphics and space..from that perspective you can see that they are clearly talking about blu ray and the standard HDD thats ps3 again..Im pretty sure that it will appear on 360 also but wat he says most favors the playstion...( LOOK MART)

TheMART4569d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

"but we have been assessing next-generation consoles such as Sony's Playstation 3."


It's more then one console and it's 'such as'.

@ Xbot_Killer (above)

Read what you want to read dude:

"We have not decided the console yet." and "The Xbox 360 is definatly a candidate."

Which implies, it could be 360 exclusive also, no PS3 version. MOAHAHAHA

Plus, the PS3 sells like sh!t also in Japan, thus, there is only one thing to know:

PS3 just over 3 million users out there.
360 in June they'll reach the forecasted 12 million units sold

That's about 4 times as much consumers to buy the game.

SH5 will be multiplatform for sure

@ Truthhurts (below)

Sorry to burst your bubble dude:

"but stop saying it because of the numbers of 360s, that can change quickly."

How is that possible with the PS3 selling 130k two months (feb/march) in North America, while the 360 sold then between 200k and 300k. The 360 never hit anything close to 100k like the PS3 did.

Plus, april, the PS3 hit an alltime low on 89k a month in NA, 32k in Japan and Europe will be about what NA sells. That's what, 200k world wide.

The 360 sells that about every month in NA alone.

How will the PS3 be able to get even with the 360, if it sells less world wide?

Plus, the 360 now has a lead of 7 to 8 million. You can count, I may hope so. That's 7.000.000 to 8.000.000. Count with me. The PS3 must outsell the 360 for straight 2 years with at least 300k a month world wide to catch up on THE CURRENT 360's sold. The 360 ofcourse also keeps selling units in the mean time, so the difference will even get higher.

Tell me Truthhurts. If the PS3 sells about 200k world wide now. The 360 sells more then that (with NA alone between 200k and 300k monthly)... You really believe it'll catch up?

Sorry to say, the 360 now has the position the PS2 had last gen. First out, most units out, more interesting for developers, thus getting most exclusives and most multiplatforms

EASY. Done case. If you don't think so, give numbers, calculate how they will catch up

@ fenderputty (below)

Another comment that says nothing. Come with facts, counteract. Read up what I wrote. It's not paste copy, 7 to 8 million units to catch up, how long does that take? Even with higher PS3 sales when some games will be released? Try to get a real, smart comment please, because all you do now is putting the head in the sand and say: I don't see anything, I don't hear ya

EDIT fenderputty at last someone at least tries

"BTW: 7-8 million lead? 12 million units sold? Where do you get your numbers."

Logic dude. The 360 SHIPPED 10 million half november when the PS3 launched. Shops don't keep large stocks anymore. They get in and sell. Thus, those 10 mln. were shipped shortly after that. At the end of 2006 or at least beginning 2007, 10.4 million were SOLD.

VG charts are just as dumb or good as

The 360 sells between 200 and 300k a month in NA. That means, up till now, 5 months x 200 to 300k only NA. THat's 1 to 1.5 mln. Get Europe, rest of the world with that, another 1 to 1.5 mln. That'll make 12 to 13 mln. sold.

The PS3 had a good launch, especially Europe. I'd give you that. But after launch it drops. HARD. I shouldn't have to go there again, should I? Read above. About 200k a month world wide is a JOKE

Wait another couple of months and my view will be clear. The 360 outsold and outsells the PS3. Especially seen the 360 had 6 months shortages, the PS3 doesn't... THERE YOU GO

@ Bhai (below)

Devs say nothing like that. Yeah Sony 1st party. Lets take 3rd party, like Epic, asking MS to use 512 MB unified memory on 360 to get Gears running. Ask John Carmack, producer of many good games and the new Quake, he prefers the 360.

There are many, many more.


"MotorStorm = Great graphics + Awesome physics
Lair = Great Graphics + Insane physics
Heavenly Sword = Insane graphics + great physics....... "

Motorstorm: nice game, but scored just above 8. Lair, Heavenly Sword both not released.

Gears great graphics & physics dude. Many many other games also. All multiplatform games about best on the 360

You just proved nothing. Games prove every day that the 360 is the best choice and Sony only talks about the future. Already for years



You say, the PS3 is selling in other area's more. Which then exactly? Japan it is selling poorly also. 32k a month. The 360 sells about 10 to 12k a month there. They both do poor there.

Europe, the 360 and PS3 sell about even. What's left for the PS3, Mars maybe?

Plus, Namco Bandai loves the 360, Ace Combat 6 of them is at least (timed) exclusive on the 360

TruthHurts4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

SH5 will probaly be on both systems, but stop saying it because of the numbers of 360s, that can change quickly. If GeoW didn`t come out the 360 would not have sold as many as it did, can you agree w/ that?
One Game could boost ps3 sales up huge(like KZ2). Soon the number of systems out there will be even. (then i think PS will pull away,in my opinion).

@ TheMart (above)
The Ps3 is doing just as well as the 360 did during this stage of it life. I`m not putting the numbers up, look for yourself.

and No, its not in the same position as the ps2. Sony created alot of very solid series w/ the ps2 that will come to the ps3, w/ a massive following. Xbox must create basically all new titles like the ps2 did. MS for that reason will always be a step behind. Plus 120 million people bought ps2 w/ lots of great "timeless" games w/ the ps3`s solid backward compatibility it`s almost a done deal. but maybe not, maybe sony won`t ever bring all the great games(they already have) to the ps3 and the 360 will do what the ps2 did and create some worthwhile software. but i really don`t think Sony gonna sit back and let MS take over. BTW almost every "blockbuster" title sony has released or is coming soon are all new IP`s so, it looks like their still creating more software, to add to their already massive libary.

"How is that possible with the PS3 selling 130k two months (feb/march) in North America, while the 360 sold then between 200k and 300k. The 360 never hit anything close to 100k like the PS3 did"

the main thing you said there is "in North America". Playstation sells in other places, 360s do not. and your not even from NA so i don`t know why you always bring up there numbers. Where ever you from your in the minority (360) you know this better than anyone.

fenderputty4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

post by mart.

I swear dude ... you post the same three things over and over and over again.

Edit: @marty boy: I'm not trying to counter your comment. I don't care if this game is exclusive or not. It will probably be on both consoles. I just think it's funny ... your posts are all the same. When I say carbon copy, I don't mean you actually cut and paste ... I mean you sound like a repetitive drone mumbling the same crap over and over.

BTW: 7-8 million lead? 12 million units sold? Where do you get your numbers. OOO wait let me guess ... your xbox inflated nextgen wars huh? You're just classic dude. Should I just counter with ... your console hasn't sole 10 million yet and has been out for over a year and a half? Should I tell you that according to VG, the PS3 is has sole the exact amount of consoles in the same time, all this with no games and stiff competition from your console and the Wii? What's the point man ... you'll just post another one of your 3 cyclical posts.

Bhai4569d ago

Hope against hope for you, isn't it!

The devs clearly say that PS3 is the best fit, others 'limit'
progress ! This clearly means that others limit the production of true
next-gen quality software, hence the term 'progress' in progress
in games industry. Would you prefer a half-cooked game or a great
Donald Trump quality dinner level masterpiece ??? 360 can only bake
half way you know and its because 360 just can't pull every aspect of
next-gen stuff...

Gears of war = Great graphics, sh!t physics
Forza 2 = Great Physics, sh!t graphics
Halo-3 = None of the good things above, HeeHeeHee

While on the other hand,

MotorStorm = Great graphics + Awesome physics
Lair = Great Graphics + Insane physics
Heavenly Sword = Insane graphics + great physics.......

Take as many games you like, you'll always get 360 titles lacking in
one or more aspects of it. Clearly, Konami is looking for the best
system that can bring out the ultimate Silent Hill experience to the
audience, much like MGS-4 being the best case selection scenerio. And
answer to all their searches is one and only PS3 !!!. Apart from Cell
and standard HDD, the Blu-ray, Sixaxis and the awesome HOME capability
are the best thing in next-gen gaming...and you can only find them in
one place alone !!!

Get a PS3, help games industry move forward, tell Konami to make a game
using the best hardware out there, not according to the incompetent system that could only sell under 10 million units totally without
competition and with a killer-app(gears) HaHaHa !

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