Silent Hill HD Collection and Homecoming Can Now Be Played on Xbox One Via Backward Compatibility

Microsoft has made Homecoming, as well as the Silent Hill HD Collection, playable on the Xbox One via the backward compatibility program.

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Obscure_Observer679d ago

Oh man, my favorite survival horror series. Hope its get enhanced for the X. :)

TheColbertinator679d ago

HD Collection was quite horrendous on Xbox though. Please someone fix it before releasing it again. Silent Hill 2 on Xbox somehow looked better.

chris235678d ago

enough with these old games remilked. who wants to go back and replay these titles? the younger generation? they got every game remade they can think of. this BC is utter BS.

warriorcase678d ago

Some people like to go back and play old favorites or things they missed. BC at Microsoft has a completely separate and dedicated team working towards this goal. It hurts absolutely no one and benefits customers so I'm not sure what your upset about exactly.

littletad678d ago

And they are not being milked. If you own a copy, digital or hard copy, then you're free to play it if you so wish. You don't? Then usually you can buy it from the xbox store.

gangsta_red678d ago

Crash Remaster and the Nintendo minis would like to have a sit down with you.

Trueflames678d ago

Xbox is like a blast from the past while always keepin up with the future such a good job im glad they are doing this for gamers

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