Silent Hill HD Collection and Homecoming Can Now Be Played on Xbox One Via Backward Compatibility

Microsoft has made Homecoming, as well as the Silent Hill HD Collection, playable on the Xbox One via the backward compatibility program.

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Obscure_Observer1955d ago

Oh man, my favorite survival horror series. Hope its get enhanced for the X. :)

TheColbertinator1955d ago

HD Collection was quite horrendous on Xbox though. Please someone fix it before releasing it again. Silent Hill 2 on Xbox somehow looked better.

chris2351954d ago

enough with these old games remilked. who wants to go back and replay these titles? the younger generation? they got every game remade they can think of. this BC is utter BS.

warriorcase1954d ago

Some people like to go back and play old favorites or things they missed. BC at Microsoft has a completely separate and dedicated team working towards this goal. It hurts absolutely no one and benefits customers so I'm not sure what your upset about exactly.

littletad1954d ago

And they are not being milked. If you own a copy, digital or hard copy, then you're free to play it if you so wish. You don't? Then usually you can buy it from the xbox store.

gangsta_red1953d ago

Crash Remaster and the Nintendo minis would like to have a sit down with you.

Trueflames1954d ago

Xbox is like a blast from the past while always keepin up with the future such a good job im glad they are doing this for gamers

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The Complete Ranking of Silent Hill Games from Worst to Best

The sirens are sounding again, beckoning you back to the foggy ghost town as we rank all the Silent Hill games, from the chilling classics to the misguided missteps.

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Vits36d ago

I mostly disagree with Downpour's position. Yeah, the game is not amazing by any stretch of the imagination but is much better than the HD Collection and Homecoming. The main issue is the performance, but that was mitigated by the patches, especially on the PS3. Personally, I put it a little behind Origins and The Room.

Having Restless Dreams as a different entry from Silent Hill 2 is also a choice.

bfrye2636d ago

Normally, we would not consider it a different game (Restless Dreams), but since it had a very different critical reception and had new content, it was allowed. As for Downpour, I would agree, but since that one is subjective, we let him make his case for the placement.

gold_drake36d ago

silent hill 2 is definitely the best one out of those.

for me personally, the whole ritual/cult stuff was always so weird to me in all the other games.

CrimsonWing6935d ago

No disrespect but I put SH2 over 1. 1 is fantastic, but 2 took it all up a level.

bfrye2635d ago

We agree, that is why the writer put it in top place!


Why Silent Hill 2 is one of the best survival-horror games of all time

GF365: "Silent Hill 2 is the sequel to 1999's Silent Hill, and it was released in 2001 by Konami. Here's why Silent Hill 2 is one of the best survival-horror games of all time."

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FTLmaster198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

100% agree! SH2 is undoubtedly a stone cold classic.

gold_drake198d ago

i played a couple of months ago for the first time.

i agree that its a great survival game, but i think the minute u realise you can "kill" them, its takes alot of the initial fear out of it.
the same thing happened to me in Siren Blood Curse.

but its definitely one of the best games, when you start looking into the lore and the symbolism

1nsomniac198d ago

Never played it. I had moved on from PlayStation since then. So looking forward to the remake. Hope it’s not too cheesy tho.

P_Bomb198d ago

Pyramid Head or Red Pyramid. Which do you guys call him?

Pickledpepper198d ago

I've just brought the silent hill collection for the ps2 and absolutely loving it