Brothers In Arms: DS Screenshots

A couple of new screenshots from the upcoming DS installment in the popular Brothers in Arms series have been released.

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AcidRhain4780d ago

the screenshots look pretty good.

wiijared4780d ago

I hope it's online. We need more First Person Shooters for the DS.

THE HIVE MIND4780d ago

alright im going to be frank for a sec.
i bought my ds
and im not really wowed by the visual department there as a handheld.
i own final fantasy,mario kart,and both pokemons
but i must say this is damn good looking
i definatly will be picking this up.
as for another fps,i think
wifi-duke nukem 64 or zero hour

gta_cb4780d ago

cool, hows the games you have play like? especially pokemon as 2 of my lil brothers are getting a DS (normal not Lite) and they do like pokemon

Mecha1054780d ago (Edited 4780d ago )

it looks exactly like the cellphone version. i would know, i played it

the top image is the cellphone version and the other is the ds.

hiptanaka4780d ago

agreed mecha. i played the version for Symbian mobile phones and they look nearly identical. no pun intended for the Nintendo DS, just a testament to the power of cell phones nowadays.

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