Manhunt 2: New playable character?

Rockstar has kept us in the dark on Manhunt 2, aside from ensuring we're all aware it'll be just as shocking as the original. But a disturbing new update to the official site - and some new shots - hint at a larger, playable role for Leo Kasper, who we originally believed to be a supporting character alongside lead murderer Daniel Lamb.

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InMyOpinion4570d ago

Wish I had a Ps2 so I could play this game!

M_Prime4570d ago

Get a WII.. the IGN guys say its pretty good on the WII

MADGameR4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

Its only $149.99 now! Very cheap! The thing that sucks is that now they put a new character? They should've stuck with Cash from the original MH.