Killzone PS3 in September = Incorrect

Here's what Seb "motherH" of Guerrilla games had to say about recent new rumors from GamePro:

"That is incorrect. I don't know why they would think this. Killzone for PS3 is not being released at that time."

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MK_Red4743d ago

I still think releasing Killzone near Halo3 wasnt such a bad idea. In fact PS3 needs to have something while a monster like Halo3 for 360 is around. When Gears came out, Sony needed Resistance and for Halo, only Killzone has enough hype to (try yo) match uber overhyped Halo 3.

snoop_dizzle4743d ago

but sony hasn't stopped halo before.

For Killzone 2 to do good, they have to actually show stuff like they did with lair.

FreeMonk4743d ago

Remember this is not Gears of War. This is HALO 3!! This is the last part of a trilogy, an already known project.

Gears and Resistance was new to everybody, so Gears against Resistance was a perfect match.

Halo 3 against Killzone would be suicide for Sony, because all Sony have to go on at the moment is a 3 minute trailer and a PS2 original that wasn't that good, whereas Halo 3 has 2 successful games before it, a beta currently running for MP, and lots of media, screenshots and more and more hype coming out from Bungie HQ every week.

I'm not saying Killzone will suck when released, I'm saying that Sony could lose potential sales to Halo 3 if released at the same time, because there are 360 owners who own a PS3 too, and probably would buy Halo 3 (I would anyway) rather than Killzone.

CrazzyMan4743d ago

i mean, halo3 MP beta doesn`t look impressive, and plays more like Halo2 in HD. So unless, they do some significant changes.. halo3 might be just overrated.

and then again, it can be like geow VS resistance, but only this time in place of geow might be Killzone 2 vs halo3+fanbase.

KZ2 has some chances to steal hype of halo3, like geow did with ps3 launch.

QuackPot4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

It doesn't matter when KZ2 is released. So long as they get everything right: AI, gameplay, net play, graphics & sound/music, physics.

Most buyers of H3 will be fans of the franchise and already have an xbox 360. My guess is there won't be a significant increase in sales either, after H3 is released. It's just another shooter - YES, a damn good shooter but still just a shooter. And everyone knows that xbox 360 is a favourite haunt for shooter titles - they're truly a dime a dozen & like have you seen the trigger controller?

Likewise KZ2 won't result in a major jump in sales of the Ps3. I'd leave that honour to Little Big Planet which will appeal to all genders & ages...and could seriously interest people to buy a $600 paper weight(aka $400 game console + $200 Blu-ray media centre). But KZ2 will leave alot of Ps3 shooter fans happy especially if they dont' have an xbox.

For the time being, you guy can just enjoy Haze. It looks damn good.

Now if only you could use motorbikes, tanks, APC & helicopters. Then Haze could start to challenge H3 as one of the best shooters ever....oops, I should have said KZ2 not Haze. lol

clownfacemcgee4742d ago

Haze looks good in a lot of it's graphics, but the enemy soldiers piss me off. They're on fire whenever your nectar suit is up. What the hell's up with that? I know you have that nectar suit on that changes stuff, but could they at least make them less dull that a human shaped flame? Everyone on fire? Enemy soldiers always just being a mass of flames? That really pisses me off to the point that I don't even want to buy it. Enemy soldiers are an important part of graphics, so why are you just making the a moving fire?

At least sometimes, when your suit goes down, you can see what they really look like. When your suit is down they look decent, so why couldn't they do that while your suit is up? UGH! I'm supposed to be shooting at a South American revolutionary, NOT THE HUMAN TORCH! Flame on?

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HyperBear4743d ago

Not only is that a better/smarter move for Sony and Guerrilla, but now, its gives the people on N4G a rest from bickering and talking about it coming out in September.

Me personally, I have all 3 systems, and Ive got to say that, that would have been the most retarded move by Guerrilla if they had released KillZone 2 in September. Obviously, Halo 3 has been the attention of 2007 for games ever since the E3 2006 trailer. Im going to have to say, from a console perspective(not including PC Games), that Halo 3 is going to be the biggest and most hyped game to talk about and play this year. I havent seen a single game, that has the depth of story campaign as the Halo franchise, or one that plays like all shooters should, and looks absolutely amazing on the 360.

Now as far as PS3 games go, yea, i would like to see and play some of them, cause some of them look pretty good. Youve got Lair, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Ratchet and Clank, etc. All those i cant wait to try out and play on PS3, but as far as KillZone 2, Halo 3 and the Year 2007, Its Halo's time to shine and finish the fight. Guerrilla has showed us nothing on KillZone 2, except for that CG trailer wayyy back at E3 2005. So that automatically tells me that a) they are not even close to being done, or even close to releasing the multiplayer beta. b) We havent heard any talk about KillZone for the past few months, until today, which means, they are being tight lipped about it, because of the fact, they need to make the actual gameplay look like that trailer. and c) they know sure as hell, that they wouldnt succeed if they released the game the same month, even the same year as Halo 3.

Basically, I want both of these games to succeed, but given guerrillas, insignifcant amount of detail, trailers, in game screen-shots they have given us, given that KillZone hasnt been talked about or heard of much since 2005, and given that this past year, and just recently all of May, has all been about Halo Multiplayer Beta, and a release date for Sept.25, and Halos fanbase, and how its one of the best shooter franchises ever made, and the media attention it gets, Its quite simple--> Halo 3 WINS 2007, KillZone 2---> Not ready. now maybe GTA4 might have some affect, but any other game releasing around sept. oct., will for the most part, not succeed. I say, if Sony, M$, or Nintendo, want to release other games in 2007, they better do it near the end of Nov., early december.

DaTrooF4743d ago

i'm guessing that Guerila doesnt want to show anything of Killzone yet because if what they show isnt close to being as good as th e3 matter how good the game look..people are going to bash it the only way they saying it didnt live up to the graphics shown at would probably be a bunch of fanboys...even if killzone ends-up being the best looking game of this generation...someone will try to bash it anyway they can..

VORODOR 24742d ago

GTA will be no.1 game of the year GTA is a much bigger game and seing it's multiplatform all round it'll kill Halo sales!

snoop_dizzle4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

were talking about exclusives for the PS3 and 360.

Halo 3 and Killzone 2 are in the same genre

GTA 4 is much different.

If you were referring to the GTA launch affecting the Halo 3 and Killzone 2 launch, there is news that GTA4 is being delayed.

But yes GTA4 is going to sell very well.

MK_Red4743d ago

True, Killzone2 should be the most impressive PS3 title if they want to use it against Halo. Halo3 has 2 years of full hype behind it and 2 E3 shows but Killzone has nothing except that old E3 demo. I think Sony has to show KZ2 with full force for E3 2007 and keep super hyping it until christmass or even later to have more TGS/E3s to show the game.
Personally, I think Killzone 2 BETA will arrive this september. We have heard about it and a beta to fight Halo3 seems good: PS3 has something to show while Halo3 is unleashed and full KZ2 game can arrive months later.

BlackIceJoe4743d ago

I also think September would be when the Beta will come out. As for when Killzone comes out I see it coming out next year. This way at least Killzone will not have to worry about Halo. Plus this way Killzone can have a greater chance to look like the trailer.

QuackPot4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

But we need to get everything into perspective.

I. What console(s) do you own? Ps3 AND Xbox 360 or just one?

II. Do you like shooters?

III. Are you a fan of the Halo've played and enjoyed it?

IV. What is the composition of console owners?


1. if you own both machines then you can enjoy both games. Which game is better or the release date doesn't matter because you will be buying both.

2. if you only have one conole then you won't be buying the other game because you don't have the other console. So it doesn't matter which game is better or the realease date as you will be enjoying the game you have bought.

3. If you don't like shooters then YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT which game is better or the release date of H3, KZ2, Haze etc.

4. If you do like shooters then refer 1. & 2.

5. If you are a fan of the Halo franchise then you're likely to buy the sequels and the console if need be, just to get your next fix. Now I'm a fan but also a Sony fanboy - refer 1.

6. If you are not a fan of Halo franchise then you're unlikely buy the console. Refer 2.

7. The Xbox/x360 is well known for its large number of shooters as well has having a significant ownership base from the USA. The Playstations have a broader ownership and more diverse range of titles. It would be safe to say that the Playstations would have fewer percentage of owners who liked shooters than the xbox/x360. So a AAA shooter is not going to be as important to the Ps3 as it is to the xbox 360.


It doesnt matter what the release date is. Just enjoy the games you buy for pete's sake!!!

clownfacemcgee4742d ago

I heard that since the Warhawk Beta, which I didn't even get into, psh, so much for public, was only for America, the KZ2 Beta might only be for Europe. That'd be really stupid, since I know myself and a friend of mine and a lot of other people didn't get in. The only friend I know who got in, also got into the KZL Beta and the Home Beta and now the Warhawk Beta, because he's on the GAP. God damnit, I need to get on that GAP.

egyptian_diarrhea4743d ago

"I still think that someone leaked (urine) guerrila and sony's scheme, and this comment from guerrilla is clearly covered in sweat because they didn't want anyone to find out.But i'm also stupid which although fallacious,can be considered a valid counter-argument to what i just said." - shakespeare

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