10 sequels that are much worse than the original

Harry Slater writes:

Sometimes, videogame sequels fail to capitalise on the excellent work begun by their elder brethren, be it a change of developer, a shift in focus or a bizarre and not required change of style. Here are some that failed to match their predecessors.

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The BS Police4274d ago

How could have possibly screwed up Perfect Dark Zero.

Elven64274d ago

The multiplayer was the saving grace of that game, 32 players in huge levels, plus the DLC for it was fantastic!

Myst4274d ago

Eh, as much as they messed up and how much I personally disliked it from the original Perfect Dark...I kind of feel like playing it right now...

Darkstorn4274d ago

KOTOR 2 and MGS2 are great games, they aren't 'much worse' than their forebearers. And Max Payne 2 and Halo 2 are brilliant games in their own right. Mediocre list.

socomnick4274d ago

how is resistance 2 not on the list.

Serial_EDX4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

Personally MGS2 and Halo 2 really shouldn't be on that list, Those 2 were the top of my last gen gaming. And I had a lot of games.

I mean how can you even have These 2 games in the same list as DMC2?


-GametimeUK-4274d ago

@ Socomnick

Screw Resistance2... I want to know why Uncharted2 isnt on this list

TheAntiFanboy4274d ago

I'm glad Halo 2 was on that list. Halo 1 was wonderful, and Halo 2 completely ruined it.

ico924274d ago

where the hell is socom crapu..Confrontation

ThanatosDMC4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Resistance 2 was actually good. The one thing many people are complaining about is the weapon wheel but the idea behind that is the lack of classes on the 8 player co-op.

MGS2 was terrible. Raiden deserved to die. DMC2 was horrible as well as DMC5. F*cking Nero!!!

^Nice Nico Robin pic.

Fear 2 should be on the list. I'm pretty sure i killed that b*tch but then 2 comes out and tells me she's alive and for some odd reason you're not that same guy anymore that annihilated a battalion of soldiers.

Nihilism4273d ago

I love kotor 2, it wasn't as good as the first but lucasarts made them release it 6 months before they were finished, so you can excuse the poor ending, hoping for that mod that adds the missing content in will be released soon, why oh why didn't they make kotor 3 instead of TOR...

Saaking4273d ago

Resistance 2 wasn't as good as 1 imo, but it's not "much worse" just slightly not as good.

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hay4274d ago

I knew it. MGS2? Max Payne 2? It's not april fools.

lightningsax4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Yeah. MGS2 especially. "Spends too much time running around naked." Sure, completely destroy the symbolism of that scene and gently mask your homophobia a bit more, Mr. "Den of Geek." If I have to pick my favorite game of the PS2/Xbox generation, well - I couldn't, but MGS2 is on my list of five. That ending sequence he just lampooned is still one of the most insane and emotional breakthrough moments in gaming history. This writer needs to go back to school.

Actually, the article would have been awesome if he just posted that Perfect Dark Zero picture up there and called it a day. Nice selection, BS Police!

Tony P4274d ago

Perhaps they fall short, but very few of these indeed are actually bad games.

Although I have to agree with a lot of points...

MGS2 imo set the stage for a stupidly complex story. I do not mind complexity, I mind complexity for the sake of it. The entire thing is a shambles of misinformation by the end especially compared to it's narratively tighter predecessor.

Deus Ex... This game imo was completely ruined. Nowhere near the scope of the first with nowhere near the depth. It did not justify the graphical upgrade and meaningless physics. And to top it off, it ran like crap and still runs like crap.

Halo 2 helped perpetrate an egregious crime in gaming today: cliffhanger endings. If you think about it, these days it's almost a given that a new IP won't end with the first game. There's no effort put forth to suggest any kind of completion and that's f*cking lazy imo. Like Halo 2, most shooters now sacrifice a complete story and rely on MP to get by.

dreamcast4274d ago

"Halo 2 helped perpetrate an egregious crime in gaming today: cliffhanger endings. If you think about it, these days it's almost a given that a new IP won't end with the first game. There's no effort put forth to suggest any kind of completion and that's f*cking lazy imo"

Yeah, most of the games I've completed recently have cliffhanger endings... MW2, Killzone 2, inFamous, Resistance 2, Prince of Persia and most likely Assassin's Creed 2 if the first is any indication. Some of them aren't too bad since they actually tell a story, but MW2 for example was half a story with a cliffhanger. Not cool devs.

lightningsax4273d ago

I hear this "It's complex for the sake of complexity" argument all of the time. Unless you're putting some aspect of the plot under a microscope that I'm just not aware of, I don't get this argument.

It's a complex story, but it does work. The way it's done was thoroughly unique for its time. I keep coming back to that game and finding out more and more about it.

lightningsax4273d ago

@Dreamcast - Word! Cliffhanger endings for games that will obviously have sequels are totally fine if they're done right. Are we going to bash The Dark Knight now because it didn't wrap up the Batman universe in a neat pink-ribboned box?

For obvious serial titles, you could, of course, just go the other way and tell the same story over and over and over again, making the endings worthless and only focusing on the game at hand (Mario), and that's also cool if the game's great. As I mentioned in the Heavenly Sword discussion, there's no substitute for a great game - no matter what the story or cutscenes are doing, all will be forgiven if you produce an awesome game. All, I say! Except FFXII. That was just inexcusable, Square.

Bathyj4274d ago

What was wrong with Max Payne? And it might be time to finally get over Raiden. Seriously, let it go.

BTW, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Medal of Honour, even Doom, all proved FPS's could work on a console before Halo came along.
God, the first game was awesome, no doubt, even with the copy and paste level design, but lets not rewrite history, ok.

lightningsax4273d ago

I loved the heck out of Max Payne 2. That game owned my life for quite a while, and rightfully so.

MajestieBeast4274d ago

Where is modern warfare 2 on that list?

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