Killzone 2 Top Priority

According to a forum post on Playstation Underground under topic, "Killzone: Liberation - Ask the Dev Team PART II", Seb Downie - Lead Tester - Guerrilla Games was asked;

will there be any more chapters after 5? (Killzone Liberation)

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Robotz Rule4279d ago

Good to hear they are focusing on Killzone 2 for the PS3.

BubblesDAVERAGE4279d ago

I know it will get that title...I guess we will all see...

Razzy4279d ago

especially with around 120 developers working on the damn thing and a trillion dollar budget. Sony better not blow this.

Maddens Raiders4279d ago

hear in my head after this little snippet, is that haunting, over - the - top - militaria - style orchestral music from the KILLZONE 1 intro. Just Do It dammit and release screens already!lol

biomajor094270d ago

IGN has just posted on their relases date web site that Killzone is slated for February 2008, changed from TBA.