How Everybody's Golf PSP Really Uses GPS

So the GPS-enabled version of Everybody's Golf (aka Minna No Golf) for PlayStation Portable just came out in Japan.
What's fascinating is the way it uses the PSP's GPS add-on.

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gta_cb4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

i have wanted to use this add on for a while, but i dont think its even available in the UK... could be wrong but i havnt found it for sale.
yeh it is quite interesting how it uses the GPS add on

Lumbo4753d ago

the camera has just been announced for the EU market, and the camera was released in Japan before the GPS module, so it will still take some time for the GPS module to be on sale over here.

gta_cb4753d ago

dont know, but i can garrenty that you will get it before Europe does.

Armyless4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Just imagine being able to locate YOUR NEXT BUS OR SUBWAY TRAIN with the click of a button!

Why do I have to come up with these ingenious ideas? I'm not getting paid for this.