Amazon Discounts New PS3 Holiday Titles


"Amazon Discounts New PS3 Titles!

Grab the following recent PS3 releases for cheap ($10 discounts or more) over at Amazon:"

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WildArmed4329d ago

bloody hell o_O
hm.. i should combo U2 n Ac2... gotta love Amazon's combo discount.

iron_sheik4329d ago

best next gen game this gen
AC2 is good but no uncharted 2

get demon souls and uc2. demon souls give you 300 hours of gameplay-tremendous bang for your buck

WildArmed4329d ago

the reason why i havnt got U2 is Demons Souls lol
Im about 300+ hours into the game.. and still playing.
Might have to put the game down soon though..
Gonna get U2 soon.

socomnick4329d ago

thats what happens when you dont buy ps3 exclusives they get disconts really fast.

iron_sheik4329d ago

it mega flopped in sales
also halo odst and halo wars . apparently no one seems to care about those games which also flopped in reviews

Uncharted 2 has sold around 2m worldwide. demon souls has already outsold all x360 jrpgs which were flops in reviews too

4329d ago
thebudgetgamer4329d ago

buying games at less then 59.99 really grinds my gears. i love paying more money for games. LOVE IT.

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Myst4329d ago

Demon's Souls better be sold out again...and I suppose I'll buy Uncharted and Uncharted 2.

iron_sheik4329d ago

both those games are the best you can buy this gen
uncharted2 is the highest rated game on HD consoles . It is better than crack

Myst4329d ago

A lot of people say it should be, but to be honest it's not at this point. Main priority deals with eduction, but gaming wise I'd say my main priority is getting my own HDTV so I can stop moving from my regular SD one I've had for 10 years to my parents HDTV. So HD first, with small bits of money still collecting in that pool.

ryano232774329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

Because it will go Platinum soon.

Killzone was plat in 6 months
inFamous was plat in 5 months

Uncharted 2 has already met the required sales.

EDIT: It is worth $109.95 here in Australia.
Platinums for PS3 weren't released until August 2008, which is why UC took so long to go Plat.
I see UC2 going plat, straight after XMAS.

@ all 3 below - I agree with you all, it deserves the sales, the reviews etc.
You are also saying because its selling well, that they will keep the price in the game until it starts to drop. I see the business decision not to drop it yet, but Sony aren't Microsoft.

iron_sheik4329d ago

other than playing uc2. yes you can get the platinum in 6 months time since the title has already sold like 2m ww i guess but 60$ on UC2 is the best way to spend that amount on GAMES

the game uc2 is worth 100 bucks atleast

SnuggleBandit4329d ago

maybe you are right but uncharted took FOREVER to go platinum. Based on the good sales of this game, i don't think its going platinum anytime soon, and this game is not one to wait til its in the bargain bin. It's a 96 on metacritic for chist sake!

iron_sheik4329d ago

yep it will go platinum but not anytime soon

also if you are planning to spend 100 aud then make sure it is on UC2. the game has mp modes and the sp could be played 10 times. yes it is that good