Folksoul/Folklore demo impressions

The Folklore demo is up and the guys at ps3fanboy have already played it and here are their impressions.

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achira4792d ago

THIS game looks damn phenominal! the power of the ps3! yeah!

IBLEEDBLU4792d ago

is a sleeper...never thought much of it but after seeing the footage and gameplay - looks like its gonna be a winner that alot of ppl will properly pass up

ill be grabbing it...and i like how the sixis is used to capture souls!

PS360WII4792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

Well if you can't read Japanese like me you'll be at a loss for the story. Which is kind of a good chunk of the demo. It looks good and has some colorful areas and so far I'm liking the battle system. Action RPG this is right here. What's neat is that every creature you suck out their souls with the yank back with the controller, then you can summon one of there moves. I got the most creatures while playing the girl and there is some sort of tier system with each mob. Most likely stronger moves and such just couldn't figure it out or wasn't high enough to use yet. The one boss fight was cool and it's a different mob for each character, just a hint but once you defeat it and you got to suck the soul remember to wait for it to turn red to yank at it.
All in all they need to translate this soon and get it to the states. I want to play some more and know what the story is about!

tehcellownu4792d ago

others forums is talkin about this i hope ps3 owners isnt sleepin on it..because this is one of the great game for us to enjoy..

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The story is too old to be commented.