Is AdHoc Party, Cross Game Chat for PS3?

With the official announcement that AdHoc Party a PSP App is coming to to America soon. This app seems to allow people to party up and voice chat when playing on the PSP, that is very much along the lines of what PS3 owners have been asking for, for a long time.

It's said that soon you will be able to download it form the PS Store, some people are speculating that it's gonna be the 19th Nov.

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Pennywise3672d ago

No comments? This is exciting if true!

morgan1jones3672d ago

first hip hop gamer claims it will be in facebook and now this. When it does become implemented it will be in a proper firmware update as a feature, not this

Myst3672d ago

Wait, are they asking if Ad-hoc will do that? If so no. Technically since you have to run it and unable to do anything else while it's running it'd be rather hard to cross-game chat with others. Though it may be possible if they made a patch for it to be able to run in the background I suppose...Since ad-hoc does have rooms that can have a maximum of four and others eight people.

Myst3672d ago

Then the question becomes, why did they not pursue this before at least for Japan? As well, why not say that they have an idea of how to do it and beta test it. I mean in theory it seems like it could, just no signs seem to be showing.

Redempteur3672d ago

Wait what ?

adhoc is not cross game chat ... adhoc party allow in voice game chat for psp game with the ps3 ... that's all .

i'm using it since the launch on japan months ago ... so please... if you're gonna make an article at least try the thing before ... it's NOT EVEN CLOSE to cross game chat ... it's a IN GAME CHAT for ONE GAME .. ( psp game )