Is Warhammer Online Doomed?

IncGamers' Bill Vaughan takes a look at the state of Warhammer Online after the latest batch of job cuts at Mythic. Will the game stand the test of time?

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Leord5363d ago

Let's hope not. Lots of potential in the game!

toaster5363d ago (Edited 5363d ago )

I played a friend's character whenever I had a chance and it was actually a lot of fun. The PvP is more in-depth and engaging than WoW in my opinion.

Dorjan5363d ago

WAR was fun, at least all my friends who went there said so. But then Lich King for WoW came out and they all went back.

Leord5363d ago

Same with AoC, and every bloody MMO that has come out after WoW....

Maticus5363d ago

No doubt about it, Warhammer's been unlucky. But a bit stupid to compete directly with WoW in hindsight.

Leord5363d ago

Saying they would crush WoW etc was a bit lol :)

Malfurion5363d ago

Despite all the bluster pre-launch, Mythic failed. They made bets that it would get 500k subscribers easily - failed, that they wouldn't have to merge servers - failed.

I don't think it's going anywhere right now, but it's never going to be big. These job cuts are the final nail in the coffin.

Perjoss5363d ago

star trek and the old republic are both looking quite promising, but as usual with MMOs you have to wait and see, because everything until beta and launch day is just marketing. There are just too many factors in an MMO (art style, combat, loot, size of game world, world history, class balance, economy, net code, learning curve) if just one of them is too weak the game will not 'survive'.

Even though WoW is kinda boring now they have made it almost impossible to die, and most class abilities are not even needed, like crowd control, its still the number one choice.

DirtyLary5363d ago

I really loved the engineer classes. Best MMO character I ever played. Sad to see WAR not live up to the hype and beat the server issues.


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Casepbx2944d ago

I still miss City of Heroes.

2943d ago
PurpHerbison2943d ago

I agree when it comes to The Sims Online. That game was really fun and nothing has even come close to it. I still crave a new Sims with online multiplayer. Blows my mind they haven't done anything like that since The Sims Online or even The Sims Bustin' Out on PS2.


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