SegmentNext: Manhunt 2 Ruthless PC Review

SegmentNext writes: "Manhunt no doubt has been one of the the most controversial games this year.It has a unique controversy associated with it.Unlike all other games,this game was supposed to be banned due to violence and ruthless killing.Ever since the sequel of this unique stealth based game was announced,it had to face many ups and downs.But finally against all odds, Rockstar has manged to release it on all major gaming platforms including PC."

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Gamer713674d ago

This last part sums up the intelligence...or lack thereof...of this guy:

"I enjoyed it a lot, so what’s the verdict? Well rent it dude."

It's a review of a PC GAME. HOW IN THE F*CK DO YOU "RENT" A PC GAME?!

Idiot. :o

toaster3673d ago

This game isn't as fun as the original.

Remember when Piggy was after you? Scary as f*ck. Step in the wrong place? BAM he hears you. Also, you're armed with a shard of glass.