Mass Effect 2: Missile Launcher screenshots released published two brand new shots from the upcoming Bioware Game, that shows the Missile Launcher in Action.

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LONEWOLF2313679d ago ShowReplies(6)
mintaro3679d ago

The visuals in this game are absolutely spectacular.

Saaking3679d ago

Yep. they look a LOT better than the first. I just hope it runs well on the 360 (I'll be buying the 360 version).

Arnon3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Yeah, this is by far one of the nicest looking UE games out there. To me, it looks like it's own in-house engine, instead.

kaveti66163679d ago

I think this is the PC version. Why would Bioware release images of the visually inferior version of their game? I'm not saying that 360 sucks, but I assume the graphics for PC will trump the 360 version, so I think these images are from PC. I'll be buying this for PC if I have a gaming rig by then.

JoySticksFTW3678d ago

But I will install the whole thing on the 360 hdd, which actually helped a bit with the first ME

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raztad3679d ago

Playing the first on PC. I'm liking it so far. BioWare is very good at storytelling. Combat is fun and overall game looks decent (maxed out on PC). It got a good share of popins though, I'm hating the empty planets and frequent elevators.

Those screens look good. Looking forward to ME2.

Sophos3679d ago

Anyone know if ME2 will eventually be making it to the PC?

Looks like it will be awesome though :)

Leminnes3678d ago

Comes out on PC at the same time as 360 on January 26. No PS3.

colossi163679d ago

Finally I get a rocket to blast up their arse!

WMW3679d ago

"get a rocket to blast up their arse!" hmmm i'm not sure how to take that(that's what she said) was that suppose to sound homosexual? or was it just poorly chosen words?