BioShock is for Xbox 360 and Games for Windows only - Confirmed...Again

Question was asked on the official 2K forums, and a 2K Admin replied the following.

"BioShock is for Xbox 360 and Games for Windows only, sorry!"

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Hayabusa 1174753d ago

Well, who'd have thought it! Especially coming from a PS3 mag...

JasonPC360PS3Wii4753d ago

There has been talk in OXM about Final Fantasy but I don't think it's likley to come to the 360. Sony would cough up a hell of alot of money to keep that exclusive.

SuperSaiyan44753d ago

Its my own words and I am very good with my English thank you very much!!

TnS4753d ago

News Posting Guidelines

1. Do not use exclamation marks (!) in your sentences.
2. Do not add your personal comment or opinion to the news post, simply report the news in an easy to read and objective way.

Captain Tuttle4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Dude, use some common sense. If there's an exclamation point in the original quote he HAS to use it. Quit being so freakin' anal. People are starting to go overboard on the reporting/editing thing.

TnS4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

The exclamation mark was in the title and a personal comment in the description. It was edited out by Dusty after I made my comment and before you read the news...

sak5004753d ago

Well they are denying it outright not beating about the bush like for MGS4.

rukusa4753d ago

Konami Kojima also denied it out right, if you had read Kojima's earlier interviews. Rumors dont speak for Kojima you know.

Seraphim4753d ago

This reminds me of nothing. Because it was an Admin at the 2k Forums. This is in no way a statement confirming that the game is 360 only. As an admin at the Forum they are not part of the development team, they are not part of the larger operations which make up 2k games. Unless the 2k Admins are game developers/admins then there's not a single ounce of credit towards this comment being fact...

kingboy4753d ago

This reminds me of Devil may Cry 4 rumours & forum admin denying too..time exclusive

SuperSaiyan44753d ago

How can I say anything? Its a link to the official forum its not exactly an announcement so it was rather difficult.

However noted the guidelines thank you.

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The story is too old to be commented.