New York Assembly Restricts Game Sales

In yet another bid to restrict the purchase of M-rated games by minors, New York assemblyman, Joseph Lentol, has gotten a new piece of legislation past the New York Assembly, reported GameDaily BIZ today. The newly-passed bill will make it a felony to sell M-rated videogames to minors. Transgression of this law could result in 1-4 years of jail-time.

Lentol's A08696 bill would create an Advisory Council on Interactive Media and Youth Violence, which would be responsible for evaluating the ESRB's ratings policies. The bill is purposely vague, and would punish the sale of games depicting "depraved violence and indecent images" as class E felonies. The bill defines "depraved violence" as any representation of "rape, dismemberment, physical torture, mutilation, or evisceration of a human being." The bill also contains a provision which obliges new game consoles to come with built-in parental controls. Of course, this is redundant, as the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 all have parental controls in place already.

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DeadlyFire4579d ago

This is like saying that if you sell a R rated movie to a minor you are going to goto jail. I can't wait to see the ESA open up a case on this again when will people get it? You can't make a law to arrest people for selling R rated movies and MA rated games to people under 18. 1-4 years for some dumb shi+ like this???????

Silver3604579d ago

Man this *ss needs to be removed from office. Stop trying to legislate parenting. Who does he think he is taking away a parents right to introduce what content they see fit to their children. To send a person to jail for selling a video game is ludicrous!!!!!!!!

Rooted_Dust4579d ago

They are making out games to be worse than cigarettes, booze, or porn. This just shows how out of touch politicians are with the constitution.

ironwolf4579d ago (Edited 4579d ago )

Unless some one challenges it in court (possible) and the judge rules the law unconstitutional (doubtful in New York, possible in the midwest or south) this law will stand. After all, you CAN regulate the sale of all kinds of products to minors.