Kids Say the Ugliest Things: Modern Warfare 2 Edition

Chris Plante writes,

"Kids Say the Ugliest Things recreates real conversations had over Microsoft's Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Network. This week, we return to the sh*t with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Remember gang, "Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB." Vulgarity ahead."

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NateNater3678d ago

Hahaha yep these are the typical conversations you hear when playing almost any online shooting game let alone call of duty

Sunny_D3678d ago

Lol, this is the game that actually made my nephew and many boys take a day off from school and play this all day. Wow, good thing he's a good student.

mikeslemonade3678d ago

Well if it was for the lag i wouldn't be screaming at the TV. I swear every time I die on my screen it's 1 or 2 bullets. On the kill cam it's way more. I'm angry i'm not good at the game soley because of this lag issue.

WenisWagon3678d ago

Luckily I play the 360 version where there is only mature adults and not little kids like on the playstation network.

starcb263678d ago

some kid yesterday was cursing at everybody and calling people f*g bags... then he had to leave cause his mommy called him

TheAntiFanboy3677d ago

The worst part is that it reinforces the stereotype that ALL kids are trash-talking jerks.

...which, really, is justifiable for the most part, but if we're mature adults, we should at least be courteous enough to give kids a chance during the rare times that they're actually being mature and sportsmanlike. Those kids in particular don't get enough credit for acting far more mature than what's expected of their age.

Positive reinforcement, guys.

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playstation1233678d ago

Only on XBL sorry no little kids on psn, and when he said veto it was from halo 3.

BreakNeckSpeed3678d ago

The things said were taken from both XBL and PS Networks.

The qoutes gave me a laugh. Especially this one


Kid #1: "So my brother told me why they say 'Get Frosty.'"

Kid #2: "Like, stay cool."

Kid #1: "No, it means... wait, what did you say?"

Kid #2: "It means stay cool."

Kid #1: "He says it means you got to like work together, like it takes a lot of people to build a snowman, but yours makes a lot more sense."

FragMnTagM3678d ago

and write down what I hear, and share that because those are by far the worst I have ever heard in any online game and I have heard some pretty retarded sh!t on XBOX Live.

Guitarded3678d ago

That's right there is hardly anybody on PSN including little kids. The few there are loners and anti-social misfits with no real life friends. You will know who they are by their claims that PSN is close to being on par with LIVE, which is only true if you are an anti-social loner with no friends to play with.

TheTeam063678d ago

No one on PSN:

As of Feb 2009 (obviously alot more now)

Loners and Misfits on PSN:

Quote: "The average age is 28 years old, in usually the middle- to higher-income range. They over-index against those with graduate degrees"

Look First. Speak Later.

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D4RkNIKON3678d ago

Haha wow, those are rich. The correct saying is "Stay Frosty" they say it all the time on Generation Kill the HBO series and it does mean stay cool.

Guitarded3678d ago

It means stay alert.

Be alert, the world needs more lerts.

bjornbear3678d ago

Kid #1: "What's a glock?"

Kid #2: "It's like a pistol machine gun."

LOL!!!! omg =P thats why I mute kids ALL the time.

FantasyStar3678d ago


Kid #1: "What's a glock?"

Kid #2: "It's like a pistol machine gun."

Kid #1: "Sounds stupid."

Kid #2: "Mine has a red sight. It's badass."

Kid #1: "So does mine."

Sounds ok to me. What's your beef?

bjornbear3677d ago

It isn't rude at all I was kidding, but the Glock is NOT A MACHINE GUN PISTOL...not that i'd expect a kid to know that

Js a light gag =)

But you're right, it's no wrong =) Just silly

FantasyStar3677d ago

The Glock's no machine-gun pistol. That's what SMGs are. But I don't blame them for not knowing otherwise. It's fun though when they're wrong, but they don't know it. Just walk away laughing.

TheAntiFanboy3677d ago

Wel, officially the G18C it's classified a "machine pistol". But it's also a "gun". So no, "machine gun pistol" isn't exactly the most accurate term, but that's a lot closer than most people get, since when you think about it, it's a pistol that fires as fast as a machine gun, thus "machine gun pistol".

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TheTeam063678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

We tried LSD in the 60s
We smoked pot in the 70s
We snorted coke in the 80s
We used meth in the 90s
We don't know military terms in the 00s

I think we'll be OK.

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