First Fallout Online screenshots have surfaced

First leaked screenshots from Fallout Online, developed at Interplay under the Project V13 codename.

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kaveti66163684d ago

I thought this was canceled due to pending litigation between Bethesda and the developers formerly known as Black Isle Studios, or their respective parent companies.

Either way, notice how the concept art is always grand and fantastic, and the in-game shots look terrible, blocky, and bland. I would think that in this day and age, with such powerful hardware, and dedicated servers, we could get better looking MMO games.

El_Colombiano3684d ago

Ha are you kidding me? Lazy devs! Do you not know of the mass amounts of bugs Fallout 3 had?

kaveti66163684d ago

I played 30 hours of Fallout 3, and in all that time, 2 glitches. Both of them forced me to restart the level, but both of them were harmless enough, caused by my own stupidity.

So, I don't know how many glitches you experienced, but please don't blanket your experience onto everyone else. For all the flak that Bethesda receives for glitches and minor visual issues like rigid facial animations, it also receives tons of awards for the depth of their games.

LastDance3684d ago

LOL. I love fallout 3 but some of the ridiculous crap that has happened to me is unbelievable.

When dog meat and cherin are following me together the game basically crashes every five minutes

djfullshred3684d ago

I'm not a MMO player, so what would you do with this thing? Would there be quests that can be completed together with other players, or do you just wander around fighting & collecting stuff? What would be the driver to make me want to play this after spending a ton of hours completing Fallout 3 & all the DLC?

kaveti66163684d ago

Yes, of course there would be quests. And you could complete them with friends, in much the way of World of Warcraft. Quests in those games are called instances because multiple people in the area can activate the same quest without interfering with one another. But you may also encounter quests that require a bunch of people to complete (e.g. the Leeroy Jenkins incident).

Voice_of_Reason3683d ago

Instances are dungeons where you can complete some quests for those dungeons. However the main point in those dungeons is loot.

In an MMO you have thousands of people on the same server all playing the game and leveling up. You can quests to gain levels and cash and in most you can also do trade skills(weapon crafting/armor crafting, etc). IN WoW you can go from 1-80 solo, but if you want to best gear and the fastest XP that usually involves instancing. Instances are self contained zones that are created just for your group. The mobs are all harder than normal world mob and the loot drops are always better.

Mmos are constantly changing as the monthly fees are used to update the game and add new content. It does depend on the game though, I got more free in 2 years of playing WoW than I did for 5 years of Everquest.

Justin_bristoe3684d ago

if it's not for consoles then trash this mess.make me another fallout game in las vegas..wait isn't there fallout new vegas being worked on as we speak?? i hope that's true

Fade_Walker3684d ago

Looks great for a MMO, I wish they could finish this lawsuit and get back to work on this and Fallout: New Vegas (I would image they put New Vegas on hold because of this, and the delay of Alpha Protocol can’t help matters either.)

Ausir3684d ago

New Vegas is not on hold. It's still in development.

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