Alan Wake to arrive in May

MCV can reveal that 360 action title Alan Wake will be released globally in May 2010.

A source close to the game told us that the Microsoft-published adventure – developed by Finnish studio Remedy – will be promoted "in the style of a Hollywood movie".

MCV understands that Microsoft is aiming for a global release late in the month.

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Kareshi_X3675d ago

Great! so this means

SplinterCell in march and Alan Wake in May.

When's Mass Effect again?

Chubear3675d ago

Uh? this was supposed to release Q1 of next year in Feb or Mar. and they pushed it back even more?... Sorry but this isn't looking good for this game. They've had 5yrs already and still pushing back?

Now if the game was displaying graphical and technical things we've never seen b4 then I could understand but come on, any about the game has been shown to remotely be like that so what's the hold up?

All I know is, this isn't a good sign at all.

CBaoth3675d ago

What a birthday gift to well, The best part of being an adult: I never get stuck with bad presents!

Saaking3675d ago

Wow, the first half of 2010 is PACKED. I'm definitely picking this game up along with:


It's gonna be a great year!

raztad3675d ago


Color me surprised, I didnt know you own a xbox. If this game results to be great it would make the xbox a lot more appealing. Alan Wake system seller, may be? Exclusives FTW.

Pekka3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

@1.2: March 2010 is very crowded so they may have delayed it to quieter time. Both FF13 (just announced) and ME2 are releasing at march so it may have been too big competition for Alan Wake.

EDIT: Splinter Cell and Bioshock 2 are also releasing february 2010 so Q1 2010 as a whole is very crowded on 360 (PS3 has even more crowded timetable but that doesn't count for 360 release).

gaffyh3674d ago

March is way too crowded, so I'm kinda glad that this is coming a little later. Still though, disappointed that it's taken so long for this game to come out.

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Raoh3675d ago

when is the pc version coming out?

Chubear3675d ago

If it's does come out then probably a year later.

Saaking3675d ago

Probably later along the line. There's definitely a PC version somewhere out there and I think MS just made it Xbox 360 timeed exclusive. After all, wasn't his supposed to be the flagship title for DX11?

OpenGL3675d ago

Before the PC version was canceled, Remedy once said that they have no intentions of supporting DirectX 10. If the game does end up coming to the PC a year later though, it won't be much of a surprise if they end up supporting DirectX 11. It seems a lot of developers are at least trying to tack on some DirectX 11 features to their DirectX 9 games. Plus, it's being published by Microsoft, and if it comes to the PC you'd think they would want it as a DirectX 11 showcase title.

Alan Wake3675d ago

Alan wake GOTY 2010

LAG sorry i meaan MAG Flop of the year lololololz

darkside3675d ago

sorry to pop your bubble kid, but GOW3 got GOTY.

Elven63674d ago

Both games can win GOTY for their respective categories, (horror and action). Overall GOTY will be a tough call but I think they both will win at least some.

Nineball21123675d ago

looks pretty interesting.

I'll be interested to see the reviews for it when it comes out.

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