Maticus5367d ago

Hmm, shame about Warhammer Online. It never really did take off did it?

Leord5367d ago

I still have an unopened WAR collector's edition box at home :)

Redrudy5367d ago

Thanks again for the wrap up.

thetamer5367d ago

A good wrap up of all things MMO. Global Agenda is definitely the one to look out for.

Malfurion5367d ago

Yeah it's fresh but... Hasn't sci-fi MMO been done? Tabula Rasa anyone?

Leord5367d ago

StarTrek Online has such a great potential to work as an MMO!

AndyA5367d ago

Yup, sounds very interesting. Screens look nice too.

Dorjan5367d ago

will china ever get WoW back? I doubt it :lol:


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