Championship Sprint Review

Here's IGN's review of "Championship Sprint" for the Playstation 3.

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consolecrusader4745d ago

OH look another bad PS related review by IGN *rolls eyes*

ngg123454745d ago

25 year old agmes. Honestly, ign is the best site regarding reviews.

TruthHurts4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

i completly disagree.
IGN is a bunch of FlipFloppers.

ngg123454745d ago

They don't grade games on a bias scale either. They gave forza 2, a 7 in graphics, which was the correct score. Gamespot actually made me laugh from the review of forza 2. That and being banned for showing the box art halo 3 picture, made me just stop going to that site. 1up is horrible, and is clearly bias to xbox, while gamepro is bias to playstation. The only sites I see that is actually more or less accurate is game informer and ign.

VirtualGamer4745d ago

I have no idea why they even bother with some of these games. This game was fun in the day wiping the wheel around so I can totally relate that without the wheel it losses something.

I had thought about getting Joust but after seeing the trailer for it on my TV and how bad the graphics looked I changed my mind.

Save my money for Lair, NGS, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, HS, Rachet and Clank: Future Tools of Destruction, Warhawk, Little Big Planet, Singstar, Folklore, and Killzone 2.

sonarus4745d ago

Agreed but i still find the downloadable content nice especially the old 1's. I played MK2 for 4hrs str8 with friends once. That gud old nostalgic feeling you get is like no other

Bathyj4745d ago

I'm not gonna call IGN biased (hehe Lego Forza. Hey they said it, not me, take their bubbles) but I will say, Dude, what do you expect when reviewing a game like this. You have to take it origins into consideration abit. There not point whining 5 times in a one page review that theres no steering wheel. God.

Personally I love this game and I've played it on playstation on a complilation disc and the d-pad works fine so quit ya b*tchin'. If he reviewed After Burner (a classic) he'd probably whine incessently about not having a flight controller stick or tilting hydraulic cokpit <--(sorry about the spelling, apparently the proper way is swearing).

I do agree, it should have had 4 player. Der.

Maddens Raiders4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

Note: I've been a member for at that skank rag IGN for a while now ( I like the babe desktop downloads w/ Insider), but rarely take the time to post on their trash articles. That is 'til now. I couldn't believe how this pri*k just flushed the game down the toilet mainly due to (his estimation) failure of the dev not integrating the sixaxis into the game, hmmm....o_O WAT??? Just couldn't resist. a/w the following is the original IGN comment and counterview / review:

============================= ============================== = ==========

-- "What a weak a$$ review dude. You should get a f*kn life and quit being so damn whiny and lame. The controls are fine. 10 to 1 even if you were using a GT Pro wheel (w/ force feedback) you'd still suck. I bet you stink at the game and gave it a poor review.

Counter View: Don't believe that the sixaxis would add any improvement to this game whatsoever. Roper's lack of interaction w/ the sixaxis in reality shows through in this totally meaningless statment. Anyone that plays CSR would know that playing this game with the sixasis would be nothing short of having a major stroke. Hell, the steering on the original game was nothing less than haphazard, so if you're not inclined to a good challenge, chances are your a mediocre average gamer [Mr. Roper] in the first place and probably need to go home and get tucked in by Mommy. Don't believe Chris Roper and his lame a$$ p*ssy review. Play it yourself! Free yourselves from these attacks on classic games and one person's selfish interpretation and go enjoy this classic. Then you will see that this game is not that bad at all and takes you back to another place in time. A time where we didn't care so much about what the dweeb that wrote this article is pouting about. Now go out and GAME dammit! See ya at the finish line. =]

For this or anything else hit me up:

PSN - Maddens_Raiders (aka) - the Best ther Was.

P.S. Get a real life Roper, and stop pretending to be a fair game reviewer you charlatan. The gig's up! [-] Minimize Comment
What a weak a$$ review dude. You should get a f*kn life and quit being so damn whiny and lame. The controls are fine. 10 to 1 even if you were using a GT Pro wheel (w/ force feedback) you'd still suck. I bet you stink at the game and gave it a poor review.

... [+] Full Comment
Posted by: bolwadran on May 31, 2007 23:27 PDT" --

============================= ============================== = ========

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I can't believe people would actually RIP on this good 'ol pure title. Are you kidding me? C'mon Virtual Gamer. I expect better than that from you man. We're getting so f*n spoiled by getting our co*ks massaged by "nex-gen" gaming that we've almost forgotten how fun it is to play just a good ol' fun "mindless" game. It takes some skill, yeah, and a little dedication, but you can't tell me that CSR is not a fun game. That's like playing Pac-Man today. I'm sure some people would rather get kicked by a jack a$$ in the nadz rather than play it, but to give it a 2.5 review or w/e would be ridiculous.

All I'm saying is lighten up guys. GMAFB. I downloaded it tonight and the game is fun. I've entered about 7 races and won each one so I'm kickin' a$$. Virtual, if you've played this game and can still make an honest review that it sux then I may consider that a respectable response. But if you haven't and are just basing this in conclusion to IGN Roper's dumbass deduction, then God help us all.

P.S. - I didn't push disagree on you See what I mean? You gotta lighten up man. Champ. Sprint Racing, Joust, Rampage, Defender, Did Dug, Zaxxon, Smash TV, Moon Patrol, Operation Wolf, Ikari Warriors, Cobra Command...dude these are arcade classics and made to enjoy *forever.

You can't trash them (games like CSR, etc..) simply because they're not "nex-gen". Either buy them, love them and be happy or just move along. These old games are great fun to me and will never die.

Now get out there and Game!


VirtualGamer4745d ago

Madden I never had plans on getting this game. The review from IGN just reinforced why I would not. Even if IGN had given the game an 8 I would not have gotten the game. I mean even if I walked into a arcade today and they had the game just like it was when I played it back in the day I would not pump quarters into it. It simply does not interest me anymore. The one game I had thought about getting was Joust because that really was a fun game for me and I wanted my kids to experience some of the games I use to play. However when I saw how blurry the game looked on my tv when I watched the trailer for it I decided not to. If I could confirm the game looked as sharp on my tv as it use to in the arcade then I would. I already got Q-bert for nostegia sake and played it a few times and then it got old and I don't play it anymore.

I do the same thing when I see a DVD of a old movie I remember being awesome and so I buy it and bring it home and when I watch it its like wow was the movie really that bad? I guess because so many more films have come out and over time I have changed and expect more from movies now.

Some people love to play theses type of arcade classics. I don't really. My wife plays all these puzzle type games on the PC, she simply loves them. I play them once in a while but prefer playing my mmo's and she has tried playing with me but mmo's just don't do anything for her. So I quess what I am saying is people have different taste in games.

If you got the game and like it thats great. For me however I will save my money for the new games.

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