Modern Warfare 2 Ready for Redeployment

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "Modern Warfare 2 so far has had a rocky start all around in terms of multiplayer. It seems all platforms had some problems and the number of people trying to access servers certainly didn't help. Good news for PC and PlayStation 3 players as it seems the end to the issues is in sight."

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decimalator5072d ago

When am I going to learn and take the week AFTER launch week off of work? Luckily I was saved by the badass campaign and Spec Ops. But still, it just made me die a little inside because I wasn't playing MP.

RKRigney5072d ago

Urgh... need... this game... now...

mastiffchild5072d ago

Though I won't be buying the game I do feel for you decimalator. However, it's because of rybbish like this that we should ALL have been given dedicated servers and had a beta(closed or whatever) so they could make the game work from the off. It's simply not good enough for the biggest online game of the year, and esp the biggest entertainment release of it, to perform like this at release.

How would we/anyone react if we went to see a big new film and only half was watchable? Honestly, we gamers get treated like crap and do nothing about iot which is why this ALWAYS happens. It's also just disgraceful that we're limited to 9c9 when the game is so high exposure, huigh income and won't have dedicated servers too-it's just like if we went to see Star Wars and it was still in black and white. We know what works best, we pay their wages yet with MW2 we've allowed them to give us less than far smaller games have and to fail to up the quality of the MP at all-and for the biggest slling game this generation that's really sad and suggests that IW have stopped even caring about their own experience's quality-P2P was OK last time when they didn't KNOW how much they'd make but not anymore and in the absense of any leaps in tch or engine it's unforgiveable and shows how we'll be treated from now on as all they seem to care avout is cutting every corner in pursuit of profit and damn the quality.

I'm not saying it's not a great game-just that it's no better than it's predecessor(and the story is silly by most accounts)and they knew a waay to make the MP so with one swipe. I casan't just blame Acti and IW for this though as we put up with buggy, unworking releases all the time and it's a joke, it really is. The only reason it happens is dev or publisher greed in not spending enough on QA as they know they can get much of our cash in BEFORE doing what they should have(and would in any other industry) before release. It's getting ridiculous when games this size that haven't apprecialy moved on thje MP from last time struggle like this.

poopface15072d ago (Edited 5072d ago )

The 360 version works great and I have been playing it multiple times a day since Tues. with no problems. This sony fanboy blog writter says "It seems all platforms had some problems and the number of people trying to access servers certainly didn't help." Id say hes trying to imply that the 360 version had troubles WHEN IT CLEARLY DIDNT in order to try and DOWNPLAY THE EPIC FAILURE OF THE GAMES MULTIPLAYER LAUNCH ON THE PS3.

I love when the ps3 versions of games dont work and then little playstation blogs try and act as if the 360 version had trouble. NOPE, ONLY ON PS3 playstationlifestyle.net. The 360 version works flawlessly and the ps3 version was the one having trouble(not sure about pc but it depended on activision and IW for servers too, so it probably had troubles too.)


EDIT-- DECIMATOR YOU SHOULD DO WHAT i DID AND GET IT ON 360 INSTEAD. And yes I have a ps3 as well but I knew it would be a smoother experience on live. I really like the multiplayer and im sure you will too. Hope its fixed by now as it really sux when a game doesnt work properly, especially with all the people wanting to play cod.

MAstif, the thing is most people wont care as most are playing it on 360 and it has had no problems ON live. Pleas dont bring that same old "this game sux because of its limited number of people that can play in one match."

I bet you love uncharted 2 and showered it with praise for the last year and GUEsS WHAT??? THAT GAME IS ONLY 5v5 JUST LIKE GEARS OF WAR 2 WICH WAS TRASHED CONSTANTLY FOR ONLY HAVING 5V5. I LOVE UNCHARTED 2 BUT i UNDERSTAND THAT ITS THE RIGHT DECISION TO HAVE IT 5V5 LIKE IT WAS FOR GEARS. I constantly SEE SONY BOYS LIKE YOU TRASH GAMES TAHT ONLY HAVE A LOW NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN GAMES AND then you COMPLETELY FORGET THAT YOUR PRECIOUS UNCHARTED 2 ONLY ALLOWS 5V5 WHICH IS EVEN LESS THAN COD. Are you going to tell me taht uncharted 2 should get lower reviews than resistance 2 because it has way less players??? NO because uncharted 2 is better even with only 10 people.

whatever I play games not console, so im gonna get baked and play some COD 6. Hope its working so you ps3 only people can play too. It is a great multiplayer experience for consoles. Trust me from someone who has played both cod 4 and cod 6 ALOT, COD 6 is better, especially the multi. The maps are way better too.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat5072d ago

"It seems all platforms had some problems"

Really? I have not heard of any problems with the 360 version.
I'm not trying to take a dig at the PS3, I'm simply saying that this is the first I have heard about "all platforms" having problems.

I've played multiplayer for a total of 9 hours and I've had zero problems on Xbox Live.

Anywho, this is the best FPS I have ever played in my life (and I have played them all).
So awesome.

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Trexman895072d ago

now i can finally start playing the game

nutcase4u5072d ago

I played the multiplayer from 9pm until 3:30am last night. At first the party invites would not work, so you had to delete all received messages, sign out of network, sign back in, and have a friend invite you. Kind of a pain in the ass but I was just happy to be playing the multiplayer.

Around 1:30 or 2am the invites I sent and was receiving all started working perfectly, so I can safely say around 2am there was some sort of fix implemented.

See you all on MW2.

iistuii5072d ago

But ive also got a ps3. And i'm really pleased they have fixed it for you all as it's amazing fun.

koehler835072d ago

Everything's always fixed in a week, but always a week after launch.

Excellent QA.

peeps5072d ago

i worked in qa for a year and some things just can't be tested before release. you can try to simulate load testing, but it will never be the same as having hundreds and thousands of real ppl signing in at once.

this problem may have been picked up with an open beta however even then ur not using the same sort of numbers the full game will have

koehler835072d ago

I don't buy that for a second. Especially considering the fact that COD4 has been running for 2 years.

If they need a week of full load testing, then they should give the game away for free for a week and charge via PSN at the end of the open beta. Or better yet, run an open beta with a PSN download well before the launch date like they're supposed to.

Charging $60 ($80 here) for something that has not been tested, for whatever reason, is unacceptable.

peeps5072d ago

you do realise that when software is released it will always contain bugs. infact there is a quota of bugs that are allowed to be left in. thats software development for ya.

and yes they should have done an open beta for load testing but it's all about costs, assessing risks and so on. it's not as simple as just saying 'we'll run a beta test'

the fact is mw2 is the busiest game i've seen on psn so far and i'm just glad it's only taken them a week 2 sort things. i remember r6vegas 2 on the ps3 was actually uplayable online for around 2-3 weeks after launch

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