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MURKERR3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

not once,twice but three times you have been caught doing craftiness, one of the most despicable sites on the net

seifer0853675d ago

for you Mr or Mrs Murkerr

RememberThe3573675d ago

Another low rez video trying to compare graphics of high resolution games.

Gametrailers blows.

barom3675d ago

there is an hd version as well though

too lazy to fix the link but just click on the link and look at the bottom of the video it should say "watch this in HD" or something like that.

Anyway console versions look identical. PC version looks a tiny bit better imo, something about the colors and shadows.

Syronicus3675d ago

As does anybody that agrees with him and I. Gametrailers is a joke.

HolyOrangeCows3675d ago

"there is an hd version as well though"
Correction: There's a highly compressed, 540p version.

Gametrailers is a bias, double standard filled, device of Viacom and Microsoft.

Jsynn73675d ago

We already know how GT feels about PS3 exclusives/mutli-plat title. Why bother watching this? Just another flamebait video.

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Pandamobile3675d ago

Anyone remember back in 2007 when GameTrailers gave COD4 the "Best Graphics award" over Crysis? Yeah, that was funny, and they lost all credibility.

BYE3675d ago

Really? That's retarded, Crysis blew everything away and still does, just like Far Cry did in 2004.

Well, Gametrailers is only good for watching trailers, like the name says.

DigitalAnalog3675d ago

LOL, I did not know that. Even the most hardened of console fanboys cannot deny Crysis graphical power.

That speaks leagues of gametrailers bias, and here I thought they called out "MW2's graphics are only rivaled by Uncharted 2" was a bad enough statement.

HolyOrangeCows3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

That's because they play on SDTVs.

frostypants3675d ago

COD4 wasn't even the best looking CONSOLE game of that year (that was Uncharted by a landslide), much less better than Crysis. LOL. Gametrailers is awful...

STONEY43675d ago

Lol. I remember IGN doing the same thing for the E3 awards, choosing COD4 over Crysis in graphics.

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mrmikew20183675d ago

comparisons are rapidly becoming false information

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The story is too old to be commented.