Review: Cell War | ThePortableGamer

TPG writes, "Until technology finally allows little spaceships to fly around the inside of the human body, blasting those nasty cold viruses, games like Cell War will have to fill that fantasy. Blasting the H1N1 is the name of the game here! Oh H1N1, how I have cursed thee..."

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squif3676d ago

now here is a genre that has not been beaten to death on the iPhone!

wondroushippo3676d ago

Amen to that. We need more shmups in our lives.

squif3676d ago

Sign me up, as long as you don't have to use the tilt controls.

bgrundman3676d ago

Give me the control scheme for Space invaders extreme and get out of my way!

roblef3676d ago

So you actually play as a human antibody?

bgrundman3676d ago

According the review, yup.

Sp1deyluvr3676d ago

Looks like the kind of game I would play a few times and get bored. Of course, that's probably because I would suck at it! ;)