Jaffe Hints at God of War Trilogy

After an extended blogging break, Sony Santa Monica creative director David Jaffe has returned to his online journal, dropping the tiniest of hints regarding a possible third game in the God of War series.

As the original God of War is one of the most acclaimed titles of the current console generation, the announcement of God of War 2 wasn't really much of a surprise. This week, Jaffe hinted in his blog, however, that a third entry could be in the cards.

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andy capps6166d ago

Good news, but it's just him thinking out loud. I'm glad he's updating his journal again, he seems real down to earth like Cliff B. from Gears of War. I hope that this happens, but nothing much to say until the second one comes out and if/when the start work on a 3rd.

Siesser6166d ago

I agree; more God of War's always a good thing as long as they can keep the story interesting. I'm curious why this is listed under the "multi" section though, unless it's in reference to PS2 and PS3.

achira6166d ago

yes this is a topic of the ps3/ps2.

omansteveo6166d ago

Please SONY! NO! this game is pretty good dont ruin it by milking it seriously...if theres a 3rd then their will be a psp version...and a 4th you can gaurantee it! dont do it

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