Uncharted 2 Review "Thieving Among "Elites" -Gameguru

Gameguru "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves probably defines this generation as no other game has done so far, it blends different genres, shakes it up with glorious visuals and is served to the player as the perfect drink for one of those dreary nights. This is must have for any PlayStation 3 owner and any futurist who wanted to see the pages of their book come alive in vivid detail."

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ape0073681d ago

absolutely amazing

deserve more than 9\10

oh my god,2009\2010 is the prime time of this gen

mw2 is amazing,uncharted 2 is amazing,new super mario bro sis coming,assasin's creed 2 look awesome,goow3,gt5,halo reach,R*'s agent

Im I dreaming