SCEJ teases new game called 100

By now we're all used to teasers of game announcements whether it's through the classic announcement of an announcement or a simple teaser website. Today Sony has launched a simple teaser site for a mysterious game called 100. This is the first anyone has heard of the project and if its unique 2D inspired art is anything to go by we should be in for a treat.

The website doesn't offer much information aside from giving us the 11/19 announcement date, which is nice since we only have to wait a week to find out what the game is about.

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Gandalf3680d ago

I hope it's a game about 100 Spartans fighting against the Persian army.

orangeback3680d ago

wasn't 300 spartans?

On topic: Sounds good im always open to new games! It great to be a gamer!

Godmars2903680d ago

Looks like it has more to do with airships and parachutes. Probably for PSN.

Rmagnus3680d ago

lol I am actually loving this gen for gaming its been awesome

Cajun Chicken3680d ago

Haha! What a great little tune!