The Current Situation of the Australian Rating System

From That Aussie Game Site: "So we all know the bad news of the week, Left 4 Dead 2 is officially going to be censored in Australia. Well, censored might be the technical term but the gamer term could be "n00bed". After downloading the demo over steam, and with a quick and easy modification, it was obvious how different the games look. Left 4 Dead 2 looks old in its censored form - but uncensored it's great to look at. Even part of the game play has been removed with the "Riot Cop" zombies no longer available, which is sad because they are a lot of fun to take on.

But why has this happened and what can we as gamers and Australian's do about the current situation? Is anyone doing anything about this? Read on to find out, please ladies and gentleman hold your stones 'till the end of the article."

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