Telltale Games Announcement "Soon"

Telltale Games, the studio behind the ongoing Tales of Monkey Island series, has told IncGamers that fans will be hearing something about future titles "soon."

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Maticus5330d ago

Oh the well-used "Soon". Anyone would think they had links to Blizzard.

Leord5330d ago

Perhaps words about it before Christmas?

Lucreto5330d ago

I hope for more Sam and Max or another series of Monkey Island.

I have a gut feeling that Lucas Arts it going to announce another Monkey Island game once the fifth episode is out.

Feral Gamer5330d ago

I want a full fledged DVD based adventure not some episodic game that you have to keep waiting in order to play. I want something like the old King's Quest series. Those were classics

Baka-akaB5330d ago

It's not my preference but i dont mind if they go buy episodes ... however they should put all of them at once , sold in singles or bundles .

There is hardly valid reasons for waiting , especially over remakes

STONEY45330d ago

There is a bundle on Steam for this. You buy the bundle for about $30 and you can play each episode when they're released.

EpsilonTeam5330d ago (Edited 5330d ago )

I wish for something from Sierra's past. Like a new King's Quest eh Lucreto?

AndyA5330d ago

King's Quest remake would be ace.

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